First Step to Success is - Knowing Who You Are

First Step to Success is - Knowing Who You Are

First Step to Success is - Knowing Who You Are

We live in very challenging yet exciting times and we are surrounded by great teachers, inspirational leaders and great men and women who have achieved so much in their many fields of endeavour for the betterment of humanity. (Achieve Success) However I see more and more people blindly wanting to be these individuals while forgetting how amazing they are as human beings in their own right.

To put things in perspective:

“You are the winning sperm out of billions at the time of conception, and even if you are a twin or triplet the odds are still amazing”

Please don’t take me wrong, it is important to learn from the achievements of others but you owe it to yourself to not only learn about who you are as an individual but to dig deeper and find that key to open the door to your purpose in life.

“Know thyself, for the Kingdom of God lies within…..” Jesus Christ

You hold the key to open up the door to a better life, all you have to do is to trust your own ability to find your own way and manifest the things you want. The problem is (including me) we have so many external factors, distractions influencing our decision making, and this includes for example: The Television, social media, sports, toxic friendships, feelings of hopelessness, etc.

You don’t have to go away to a remote place in the Mountains or to a Desert Island leaving the world behind to attain a higher level of clarity, there are ways to do that, all you have to do is find the one way that resonates with you.

way that resonates with you

Peace of Mind

We have to find the space and the time to do it right there and then; but how? Believe me; it can be done in a room full of people in the loudest of places I have tried it in train stations or airports and it works.

Here are some suggestions that might help you take the first step on your journey of self-discovery on the road to success:

Quiet the Mind

Quiet the Mind

A Healthy Mind

Our lives are constantly bombarded and filled with information from many sources, and being too busy can be overwhelming. Having a quiet moment to silence the ‘chatter’ can be one of the most powerful things to gain insight and clarity.

A quiet moment could also mean a walk through a park, no phones, headphones so you can listen to the sounds of the park (birds, wild life) feel its life and vibrations. Sit under a tree and watch the clouds go by; you can even ‘earth’ yourself by taking your shoes off and walk on the grass barefoot (grounding).

taking your shoes off

Ways To A Peaceful Mind

I do all that and also I light up a candle and I stare at it to the point my vision becomes blurred and my gaze is consumed by the burning flame. I have one burning next to me when I write and even though I am looking at the computer screen my peripheral vision is focusing on the flame, it is extremely soothing…..

Time stands still and it can be a few minutes and it can feel either like a blink of an eye or even a small eternity, it matters not how long, what matters is the fact that you have managed to dump all those worries and quite likely found a solution to a problem which seem unsurmountable.

Doodle, Scribble and Write Random Thoughts

Doodle, Scribble and Write

Write your Story

This is a great way to unwind and get some ideas, as you are focusing on the snow white pages, the doodles, scribbles and words will take on a life of their own. The problem is, as adults we have forgotten how to be ‘imaginative’ as our corporate lives become so regimented we forget to look outside the box and see things through the eyes of a child.

No matter how bad you are at drawing, it is not the illustration quality that matters; the point is to focus on what you are doing and observe how the lines are created on that virginal white background.

If you are writing, you can start with a simple statement, and try to elaborate on it. If you have a problem, write it down and see what words start popping up around it.

If you are writing

Want to achieve something? List the steps you need in order to achieve your goal and ‘doodle’ pictures with a feeling in mind, example:

Want to meet someone list the qualities and draw the feeling and if you are good enough what the person looks like. I even wrote poems to my future wife.

In User Experience (UX) or Web Design we call this ‘Storyboarding’ and it is a combination of sketches with words trying to depict a scenario, process and even a feeling, it is extremely powerful.

Make a List of Things You Like about Yourself

Make a List of Things

Change Your Life

So we have graduated from ‘doodling’ school and now we are focusing on writing a list about what we like about ourselves, but why?

This can serve as a reminder at a later date of the many Wonderful Qualities we have in this present moment and in the future we can compare notes and see how far we have come, it measures our growth in a tangible manner.

For example:

  • I am a great communicator
  • I know a lot about computer programming
  • I am good dealing with clients
  • I make a great banana cake
  • I am a loving husband
  • I am a warm and loving human being, etc.


It will interesting to review lists you have written in the past and by the content you can also appreciate the challenges you were facing.If you are unsure, ask your wife, husband, mother, father, friend, etc. to write a list for you to see you from an independent point of view.

You will find out how others see you and it will boost your self confidence and self esteem, giving you more fuel to go out and get what you want. Life can be compared to a poker game, the more chips you have the more you are willing to risk in life, and it is your time to shine.

Enrol in a Course of Study

Enrol in a Course of Study

Top Lessons 

Study!!!!!!! I have done my fair share of studying so why keep going?

When I say study it doesn’t mean Human Resources, Design and Architecture, A Masters in Creative Writing, I mean learn something you are interested in on a ‘hobby’ even if it is something completely different to your profession.

Learn how to draw, knit, photography, writing, painting, whatever it is, you will get a sense of joy and take you away from the daily grind by doing something completely different. You never know, it might even lay the foundation to a new career.


Lessons to Learn

My wife and I went to a David Bowie expo here in Melbourne, she is a big fan and I wasn’t, but at the end of it, I was a fan also, why?

David Bowie is a great Graphic Designer, Song Writer, Actor, Painter and Singer and those are qualities I want to emulate, the difference is, I want to do it my way.

Realise You are Made in God’s Image

Realise You are Made in God

Practice Gratitude

What’s with the preaching you might say; this has nothing to do with Religion.  Realising you are made in God’s image has to do with the fact that inside of you, there is a spark of divinity that will never be replicated.

You have been blessed by the Universe’s maker to be right here, right now and it is only fair you do some justice by being the greatest you can be.

There are no mistakes in the Universe, and you are not one of them so start tapping to that infinite love and wisdom available to you (and me) in times of need and grow.


Story Behind the Smiles

Ask for guidance, open your heart and feel the gratitude even when times are tough. The key is to be open to the many blessings life has to offer, from a stranger’s smile, the warmth of a loved one, the laughter of children, a kiss in the dark, making love during the day, embrace it. Smile, you are an amazing being.

Allow Yourself to Dream

Allow Yourself to Dream

Live with Positive Thoughts

Allowing yourself to dream is not just about ‘sleep time’ or imagining things like winning Lotto while you are sitting at your desk; it is about seeing yourself doing more of the things you love with those dearest to you while having a great time.

Do you want a career change? Do you want a great job? Do you want to meet the love of your life? Do you want inspire others? Do you want to be wealthy? Do you want to travel?

Combine the skills above mentioned, write a list, make a drawing or make your own dream board and let your mind wonder to see what comes up in your mind’s eye, whatever you can see you can achieve, please no Napoleon Bonaparte dreams…..

Combine the skills above mentioned

Have a feel good day

Don’t put any limits on your dreams but be pragmatic about it, it is well and good knowing the destination but you have to know how to get there and the many steps involved, one huge task can be broken into little tasks.

Keep practicing these techniques and don’t feel discouraged if at first they don’t go your way, like a muscle it needs conditioning to be built and strengthened, your mind is no different, and besides, see it from a relaxation view point - It will help you cope with life’s demands in a modern world as it can get very hectic.

I hope these ideas help you on your journey, life is not just about work, money and prestige, life is about the little things, those moments money cannot buy, smile and be happy with who you are and give the same love and wisdom to the ones closest to you, many blessings to you.