How to Start an Effective Conversation at Networking Events

How to Start an Effective Conversation at Networking Events

How to Start an Effective Conversation at Networking Events

The hardest thing about networking events is starting a conversation with someone without being awkward about it. Approaching someone who is new can be stressful but that should not be the case with you. Here we will talk about how to start an effective conversation at networking events.

Start chatting at food table

food 1

When you are waiting in for the arrival of food, start talking with the person standing next to you. It is a great way to start the conservation as both the people have a common topic: food. Everyone thinks of the same things like what to try and what looks tempting to eat etc.  Instead of being silent just start a conversation. Maybe after you leave the buffet, you might have a better contact and a good food.

Find a Lone Person

lone person

If you find someone standing alone in the corner with his or her drink and looking miserable, just walk up to them and introduce yourself. These people get a little help in getting the conversation going. If someone is standing alone, they feel unconfident and uncomfortable. If you start the conversation, it will make them more relaxed and willing to connect. 

Compliment Them

compliment them

Everyone loves getting compliments from others especially when they are insecure and most of the people feel so while attending networking events. If you’re struggling to start conversation with someone, give them a compliment. 

Talk About Sports


People love talking about sports. If you’re a sports person, then use it as your tool to talk to the other person. If a group is discussing about a last night game then just them. Don’t withdraw. 

Just Say Hello


Sometimes the easiest way to greet someone is just by offering a handshake and introducing oneself. If you do this with a hint of smile and a bit of confidence it can work wonders.

Keep the Conversation Going


Try to keep the conversation going. Talk about something else you have in common-the event itself. Try to learn more about them. Get them talking. People generally like to talk about themselves. Once they tell you what they do, ask questions related to that.

Develop your speech

image 37

Networking events offer you a platform to tell your story. Describe about yourself, your mission and your business in a 30-minute speech. Try to make it informative and compelling. When someone asks you about yourself and what you do, don’t let go of the opportunity. It may be your only chance to deliver an elevator speech and win the hearts of many.

Find a Group of 3

group of 3

A group of 3 people means that two or other people have allowed someone to come in their conversation. Don’t barge in the group but get close to it and try to see whether those two people are interested to invite you in the conversation. This gives you an opportunity of quickly meeting three people, and taking a back seat in the conversation. Don’t become a mute person and offer conversation when you can.

Arrive early


If you arrive early, there will be very few people and you can have small talks with them. When more people come, you can introduce yourself to them but can go back to the people you first met. If you arrive early, people do not have already formed groups. This way you can meet many people easily and not have all attention on yourself. And, if you are really nervous you can figure out the bathroom, presentation etc.

Networking event is a fantastic way to market yourself and your business. Try to ask questions and learn about your goals. Offer resources if you can. Try to develop new relationships. Networking is full of potential if you are sincere.