Stay Sane But Insanely Productive

Stay Sane But Insanely Productive

Stay Sane But Insanely Productive

 Many people think that scheduling your day into minutes makes you a control freak. Maybe it’s true or is it? Are tracking every activity and using a calendar or a detailed planner amongst your everyday essentials that you wouldn’t dare leave the house without?

Or are you one of those who wave their arm and say: “I have it all in my head - all projects, tasks, deadlines.” But when it comes down to it nothing gets done. Which one of the two examples you think is better? Being on time and on top of your schedule is the key to becoming successful.

No employer, manager or a boss of any kind likes or tolerates lateness, chaos or disorganization. We’ve done the hard yards and came up with 5 easy, on point tips and tricks to have everything done on time, and still have plenty of time to go dancing or put your feet up tonight.

1. Stop the Time Wastage and Procrastination

Stop the Time Wastage and Procrastination

More often than not we tend to spend far too long doing things that should take us minutes. But that is only half of the problem. The other half is procrastination or putting things off till later, which soon becomes never. This is bad news all around as the work’s piling up, people are waiting and becoming anxious and your boss will also not be impressed. The solution’s real simple. Do the hard stuff first.  Get it out of your way and as soon as you do, you will feel lighter, happier and better and ready to tackle the rest of your day’s easy and more enjoyable work.

2. No More Multitasking

No More Multitasking

Doing two or more things at the time sounds like a good plan, but it’s a disaster waiting to happen. Dispersing your focus in between many tasks will cause that none of them will get finished and even if they do there is a high chance of a mistake. Try to really focus on one thing at a time and make sure to finish it completely before getting started on the next one.

3. Plan Ahead

Plan Ahead

Don’t go to work with a fair idea what you may want to achieve today. Go to work with a properly prepared to do list and know what will you do from the minute you step in the door. Your success lies in good thinking and planning. Set a goal for each day and divide your work in such a way to achieve that goal. This is the only way you will finish your tasks before or on deadlines and even have some time to rest. That is important too after all.

4. Be the Earlybird

Be the Earlybird

Sleeping in late on a weekday may sound like heaven but its hell for your productivity. Start your day early and let yourself be surprised how much more can you achieve. Leave the sleep ins for the weekends and this way you can be looking forward to them all week. How’s that for a reward after a long successful and productive week?

5. Track Your Time

Track Your Time

Time tracking tools are popping up like mushrooms after the rain lately.  And for good reason. Companies, managers, individuals, everybody needs them. People want to see how and what they spend their hours dedicated to work on. Apps such as Clevork are great when it comes to time management. They let you see how much time you spend on each of your tasks or projects, you can even track budgets for each project and make reports of all sorts.

6. No More Waste of Time

No More Waste of Time

Taking control of your time is a major step on your way to becoming the more successful and more productive person you strive to be. There are many tools that can help you get there but you have to start in your mind. After this all else will follow. Master these skills and say hello to success!