Habits of Productive People

Habits of Productive People

Habits of Productive People

The current trend demands high level of productivity and focused approach. However, with little time and equally large amount of work load, it does become difficult to manage time and get productive. It therefore becomes imperative that one needs to adopt stringently focused and positive attitude towards the goal. At the same time, it is amazing to see how small things like emails, social networking and text messages can drain the productivity out of an individual.

Below are some of the most anticipated methodologies adopted by productive people - be at work, home, or school. These people appropriately justify the phrase – ''waste less time and work more''.

1. One at a time, Please!”

One at a time, Please!

People often get distracted with multiple projects on their desk. Research shows that individuals who focus on completing one task at a time have better productivity in terms of outcome and performance. Not only this, they tend to manage their time more efficiently and effectively. One needs to prioritize his/her goals. Always work on priority. See what is more important.

2. They are the Best Schedulers

They are the Best Schedulers

One of the most striking characteristics of productive people is time management. Way before work, they prepare their schedule to avoid hassles at the eleventh hour. More importantly, they set short-time goals and avoid getting distracted from temporary glitches.

3. They are Self-motivated

They are Self-motivated

In this fast-paced world, people seldom have time to lend an ear or do pep talk for others. Thus, it is preferable to be your own motivator and source of respect. Productive people are insane self-talkers. While some people consider it as some sort of mental retardation, those who are specifically productive are fond of this habit. Self-motivation and talking not only gets you to be up on your feet, it also tends to boost your spirit.

4. Balance between Work and Life

Balance between Work and Life

Usually, people tend to mix their professional life with personal stuff. Consequently they are left with nothing but row boat with no crew on it. It is essential to realize the importance of personal time, family, friends etc. Productive people value and practice balance. This allows them to be more focused and dedicated. Additionally, sparing time to self gives the much needed space required to reset oneself.

5. Saying 'Yes' doesn't Always Work

Always Work

While people tend to feel uncomfortable rejecting a proposal, productive people on the other hand are well aware of their priorities. They know when and how to say NO. Not everything that comes your way is destined to burgeon you. One needs to learn to differentiate between what is required and what is available.

6. Catastrophic Perfectionists!

Catastrophic Perfectionists

Productive individuals may not be good at most of the things -- they cherish it. Insanely productive people master what their instincts tell them. However, competitive scenario of today demands essential multiple tasking -- these people work according to their own novel methods. Being a perfectionist isn't a bad trait -- it's often undermined speaking from a diverse perspective.These are some of the classic traits of those who are productive both at life and work. Simple measures when applied go a long way in making a difference in your life!