25 Sure Signs of An Existential Crisis

25 Sure Signs of An Existential Crisis

25 Sure Signs of An Existential Crisis

Existential crisis happens  as a result of some tragic happenings in one's life. It is a situation when you question yourself and analyze whether you are living a life worth living. You ask questions like who you are? Are you living a contented life?

Depression resulting from an undesirable experience is the main reason for an existential crisis. It may also happen because of  negligence while treating the patient or it may also occur with some other disease affecting the person. The thought that he is left alone in this world because of the death of beloved one may also be another major reason for an existential crisis.

But, how can we identify an existential crisis? Is it possible to understand that a particular person is suffering from an existential crisis? If so, what are the possible signs of it?


1. You realize the reason for your existence on earth. Simply because you are inhaling and exhaling  air you are alive.

2. You now stop to consider your neighbors or the people around you as troubleshooters. They are absolutely good people having their own purpose of life.

3. You understand that your body is simply a machine which works with the fuel called food. This fuelling causes us to walk and do things. The food we eat cause our body parts to gain energy and function properly.

4. You turn your head around and wonder the greatness of God's creation. You stop to gaze at the nature and its gift to the entire mankind.

5. You acknowledge the magnanimity of God because he has given a whole big world for you to enjoy. He has created all the magnificent things for the humans to see, utilize and be happy.


6. You realize the reason why old people become ornery and you don't hold them responsible for their irritable behavior. Now, you bring back to memory all the good times you had when you were young. Your heart craves to be a baby again because the baby's world is devoid of sadness. Adults' life is full of woes and worries.

7. Once you thought yourself to be invulnerable or undefeatable. But now you realize the fact that you are a part of that good God who has created you. You can't cheat death.

8. You always want to be near your near and dear ones because you don't know for how long you will live.

9. Your heart melts when someone whom you dearly love, talks about their own death. You shed tears in distress at the thought that, that person has to die one day. You send passionate warnings to stop them talking about death.

10. Your head is overloaded with unnecessary questions which shatter all your hope to live.  

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11. You try to find out the real purpose of your life. You try to seek answers to the questions like how you live, Why should you live on earth.

12. You start alerting yourself saying that you should not allow your colleagues to find out you are weeping inside.


13. You never cried watching a movie and it is a new experience for you to weep bitterly watching a movie now.

14. Before you were indifferent towards the news that someone left for the other world. But now you cry for the dead person even though the dead person is not your relative.


15. If you have to  pass by a cemetery you feel like crying and start wondering where the dead people go after their death.

16. You size up your own life and change your priorities in life.

17. You show others that you are highly emotional.

18. You take casual snapshots to cherish the moment you have spent with your loved ones.

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19. You start to read books which kindle interest in you.

20. You start to do things in a better way as  you have some well- defined plans about the  future. On the contrary, if you don't have any plans you will face an utter failure in life.

21. You spot one thing from  to do list that was given the least importance before and now you want to do it the most and that too with passion.

22. You start to live a life which will help you from regretting later.

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23. At times you feel the whole life is meaningless and hopeless. But in between, you find a ray of hope from within yourself.

24. All of a sudden you call to mind of the great scientist who lived on earth. You think they have lived a life worth living. You question yourself as to what you are going to contribute to this world before resting forever.

25. Previously, you had been an atheist, but now you have complete faith in God.