How to Know You’re In An Existential Crisis

How to Know You’re In An Existential Crisis

How to Know You’re In An Existential Crisis

Existential crisis creeps into your mind when you lose the purpose of your life and start getting a feeling of unworthiness. There has to a major event behind this to get you into such a situation. It may be some kind of psychological shock or a sense of being isolated in this world.

Here we present few signs of existential crisis.

1. Your Attitude Changes

your attitude changes

You start getting the feeling of running away from every situation or any small thing happened to you will make you scream and throw everyone out somewhere. You are not even able to understand who you are or what is happening in and around you. When you go to bed, you find it difficult to sleep and all you can think about is what you haven’t done in the life. You are so lost and will try to find yourself all over again and try to change your life.

2. Feeling of Boredom Develops

feeling of boredom develops

You seem to have lost interest in everything you use to do and everything you do seems to be so boring. You even forget how to enjoy. All you do is miss your friends and things you use to do together.

3. You Become Sentimental

?you become sentimental

Even though your day is going well and you were feeling fine, but all of a sudden you start bursting into tears. You will get emotional while watching any movie without any reason or will start comparing your life with the drama.

4. You Think More about Age and Death

think more about age and death

You will feel that you are aging and will have thoughts about death. The thoughts of doing a suicide will be welcomed by you. Even when your best friend crack a joke about like and death you become emotional or stressed. You start thinking that you have not purpose in life and want to kill yourself. You are absolutely paralyzed.

5. You Try Hard to Seek Help

try hard to seek help

You want to know the answers to all sought of question coming to your mind. You try hard to get answers from a psychic reader or an astrologer or you start calling your friends and family more often to see if anyone can help you in your crisis situation.

6. You Try to Get Inspiration

you try to get inspiration

You start looking for inspiration in order to get your life back on the track. You think about all those people who in some manner has inspired others. You read inspirational books or magazines specifically of the people who have been through to the similar situation and try to learn something out of it and see if you can also implement such things in your life as well.

7. You Lose your Worth

you lose your worth

You are depressed but you yourself is not sure what is depressing you. You stop caring about everything, your friends, social life your core values as your life has become meaningless. You will develop a notion that everything can work without you and your self-existence is worthless.

Hope these tips will help you in understand whether or not you are in any kind of stress and are suffering from the existential crisis.