7 Lesser Know Signs of Depression

7 Lesser Know Signs of Depression

7 Lesser Know Signs of Depression

The usual mindset about depression is the condition of extreme sadness and tendency to harm self. However, depression is a much more complex state of mind and it is difficult to detect the symptoms in most of the cases. The signs of depression are often treated as mood swings or minor physical disturbance and hence it receives no treatment. According to a survey by experts, almost 70% people do not avail treatment for depression.

Blame it on today’s society or the fast advancing technology dependant life, people today have less social circles and loneliness is gripping hard on most of the people. When things are not going right in life, it’s human nature to share them with others to mitigate the effects but we are depriving ourselves of emotional and sentimental support by creating an unbreakable barrier in the name of privacy. Be aware of the fact that we are social animals and need to interact with each other as much as possible to keep depression at bay. Anyone anytime could get caught in the clutches of depression without even realizing and recognizing the symptoms.

Here is a list of seven lesser known signs of depression to make you aware of unidentified culprit:

1. Sleep Disorder

sleep disorder

It’s commonly known that a person with depression sleeps a lot and stays in bed all the time. However, the signs of depression also include insomnia or a change in sleeping pattern. If you are unable to sleep sound and feel tired and fatigue, find out the cause of trouble and treat it right away.

2. Experiencing Anger and Irritation

anger and irritation

If you feel irritated all the time and anger springs up for no or minor reasons, there could be a chance that you are in the grip of depression. Depression erupts in the absence of emotional and physical fulfillment. Don’t associate unnecessary anger to mood swing, but search yourself for the reason.

3. Loss of Appetite

loss of appetite

In some cases, depressed people do not feel hungry and do not feel like eating at all. A loss of appetite could be another sign of depression. If you encounter such sign then talk to your loved ones and seek emotional support.

4. Always Getting Negative Thoughts

negative thoughts

If you are always scared and unable to shrug negative thoughts off your mind, then do not ignore it. You could likely to be on the verge of getting into depression. Meet people, talk to them, surround yourself with ‘happy go lucky’ people, and stay in the company of someone close as much as possible.

5. Becoming Forgetful and Less Attentive

forgetful and less attentive

If you can’t remember stuff in spite of doing your best to remember it or you keep losing focus and attention from the things or tasks you are involved in, it could be a sign of depression. You may find yourself making silly mistakes or taking longer than usual to make a small decision.

6. Headache or Back-Pain

headache or back pain

Headache or back-pain occurring at frequent or regular intervals may not always be due to a physical aspect but it could happen due to a depressed state of your mind. Headache is common with people suffering from depression.

7. Aloofness


If you crave to be aloof and disassociate yourself from others, it could possibly be due to depression. If you do not enjoy being in company of others or you feel alone even when you are surrounded with people, then seek help immediately. Do not let this sign continue for long.

Depression affects the mood by affecting the neurotransmitters in brain. If you ever experience any of the above mentioned seven signs of depression then do not shy away from seeking help of a professional counselor or doctor.