Six Signs You May be Fired from Your Job

Six Signs You May be Fired from Your Job

Six Signs You May be Fired from Your Job

In a competitive job market, an employee is assessed every day, every minute, and every second; and even a slight deviation in performance or behavior can lower your prospects of getting promoted or retaining your job. You could sense the change in the management's attitude, behavior, and work atmosphere to know beforehand whether it is happy to retain your services or not.

The earlier you identify those signs, the faster you can respond, either by making amends or trying for a better job.

Here are 6 signs you may be fired

1. A Junior Person is Placed Above You

junior placed above you

The company may express displeasure with your style of working or performance by posting a junior executive above you. You may or may not be asked to report to him, but some of the leadership tasks you handled may be given to the new recruit.

2. You are not Given Any New Tasks

you are not given tasks

When your existing project is completed or when a new project is assigned to your department, you are not considered at all. You are not consulted regarding the new projects and are given the impression of being sidelined. You are also not invited to meetings or discussions regarding new initiatives or projects. Some of your work may be reallocated to someone else in the company without any reason.

3. You are Asked to Explain or Frequently Criticized

criticized for your work

You may be asked to explain your delay in getting things done or for being slightly late for work; you may be asked to clarify more about the strategy or the work done on a project. Whereas, previously, they may have overlooked minor lapses such as delayed arrival or early departure or minor flaws in work. You may also be criticized in front of others for missing a target or committing a mistake. You may get emails

4. You are Sidestepped for Promotion or Incentives

sidestepped for promotion

When it is time for evaluation of performance on a quarterly or yearly basis, you are denied promotion or incentives while others are given their due. They expect the employee to suffer silently for some time or question the management. In either case, the company knows how to make the next move wisely to ease out the employee. Here, the company targets your self-respect and your standing among peers to make you frustrated.

5. You are Transferred to a New Place or Department

transfered to new division

You may be asked to report to a far off place or even outside the country in a division where you have no exposure or experience. You may be transferred to a less important department in the same location and not given much responsibility. All these happen in a short notice without any discussions or consultations with you.

6. You are Informed of the Financial Crisis

informed of financial crisis

You may be briefed about the fall in performance of your department and the financial loss suffered by the company on account of it. Your boss may indicate that the management may take some cost cutting measures to sustain the department activities and jobs. Perhaps, it could be an indication that you may be fired or need to come up with a viable project to retain the position.

There are other ways of letting you know that you are no longer wanted in the organization, such as not being consulted on important matters, not being sent for an important training or meeting while your colleagues are allowed to attend, etc. Or sometimes, they may take away some incentives you were getting or delay your payment of certain expenses or wages. Or in other instances, your ideas may not be considered at all.