20 Signs To Recognize You’re In An Existential Crisis

Existential Crisis is that feeling you get when uncertainty grips you by your soul, you have nothing to look forward to in your life because you feel the very existence of you lacks meaning. It when you start questioning, doubting, and failing to understand the purpose of your life, that’s when you’re said to be in an existential crisis.

It is not likely to happen to everyone and there is no particular age when you are most prone to this crisis. More often than not, existential crisis is born out of an external stimulus which could be in the form of a person, someone’s actions, an experience, or a problem.

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Here are the 20 signs to check if you are in an existential crisis.

  1. You feel everything lacks meaning. You are not able to make sense of the world, people in it, your life, and your role in the scheme of things.
  2. You ask yourself, “Why should I do with my life?” You do not know how you should life your life and what you are supposed to be doing while you are here.
  3. You do not feel motivated to do anything. You believe your past actions do not mean anything and hence, feel like whatever you do in the future is also going to be a futile attempt.
  4. You realize you will die soon. Although, we all know we have to die someday, people in existential crisis associate death with all aspects of their life. They stop enjoying the beautiful moments in their life because they are worried it could end at any time.  
  5. You become extremely emotional. You become extra-sensitive to people’s feelings and their emotions.
  6. You cry way too often. You find yourself shedding tears on things such as a homeless animal or a hungry person on a street.
  7. You think you empathize with people better. You understand why certain people behave in a certain way such as why elderly persons get easily irritated or why they are always in a fragile mood.
  8. You lack inspiration. You have so many doubts about your life that you are curious to know how others have made it. You start reading inspiration books, quotes, biographies of successful people to emulate what they did with their lives.
  9. You re-evaluate your life. You start thinking about your priorities and where you stand in life in terms of career, personal relationships etc. You look for a sense of assurance that you are doing your best you can with life.
  10. You make important changes in your life. Existential crisis makes you analyze what you have been doing so far in life and urges you to make necessary changes as early as possible. So you are bound to make certain amendments in life such a switch your existing career, get married, start a business, or anything you’ve been waiting to do for a while.
  11. Other people’s success can either inspire or demotivate you. When you see successful people around you, you either become highly charged to achieve something like them or you start feeling bad about you because you are not successful.
  12. You start working on your bucket list. If you already have a bucket list, you start taking it seriously and want to tick off the things mentioned there and add a few new things as well. If you’ve never had one, you can’t wait to create one and start doing all the things you’d like to do before you die.
  13. You realize the importance of time. People in existential crisis firmly believe that they have wasted too many important years of their life doing meaningless work. They do not want to waste even a single second henceforth.
  14. You get mixed and confusing feelings. On one side, you feel highly demotivated about the lack of purpose in your life; and on the other hand, you realize that death can come any time and that you do not have much time to live. So, you want to make the most of the time you are here on Earth. You could end up being confused as hell.
  15. You want to do everything right. You might wonder what’s wrong with this. Well, you feel the need to live life in the correct way even though you might not know what the correct way actually is. This could be utterly frustrating. You constantly seek an approval on the things you do and want to know if they are right.
  16. You feel guilty more often. You start blaming yourself for anything that happens in your life, or in the lives of the people you care for.
  17. You start visiting your doctors. You are worried about suffering from any illness and become highly concerned when you have even a mild fever or cold.
  18. You love and care more. You realize how important it is to let your loved ones know how much you love them. You start showing your love and care through your words and actions so much that they start wondering if something’s wrong with you.
  19. You believe you can change the world. You feel it’s your duty to do something for the society, to make things right; to help the needy, and to feed the hungry. Failing to do so makes you sad. You try to go out of your way to help others.
  20. You give advice. People in existential crisis sometimes feel that others do not value their lives as much as they do. Hence, they want to let the world know the importance of this life they live and advise them to live it in the best possible way.

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