Existential Crisis of Millennials

Existential Crisis of Millennials

Existential Crisis of Millennials

Existential crisis of the millennials is at a high rise with every passage of the day. Basically college is the breeding ground for the crisis existing, no matter whatever the field it is: socio, economic, medical etc.  In this era of technology, there are end numbers of different options for the generation to choose, so the choices are endless, but still it is difficult to make a choice.

Millennials need help to understand the influences of their choices in their future life. So, millennial are significantly more stressed out these days.

Existential Crises Symptoms

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These days, millennials are burdened with different types of stress which was not prevalent in the previous generation. Depression and anxiety is looming over them. It is the root cause problem of human and universe. Existential crisis about the decisions loom in front of them, making them feel overwhelmed and depressed for months.

Suppose, they are truly passionate about their studies, still they face the problem thinking about where it will lead them in future. Many youngsters are facing with the same problem, as they are aware of the fact, that life is short and finite. No one can deny the fact of death, and the unquenchable thirst of the millennials leads them to panic and anxiety disorders. High expectations are also the main source of stress.

Overcome Existential crisis

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Millennials are individuals who are born between 1982 to 2000 are now more techno savvy but still they go back to make their choices, which helps them to overcome their existential crisis to some extent. There are umpteen of options from different apps, and different competitor products offering customer’s choice, but instead of focusing on technicalities, there is a need to highlight business impact also, so that it helps the customer to choose, why one product is better than the other.

Millennials need guidance to help understand how each choice made by them will be influencing their future life, whether it is investment, money, health or any other field. Paying heed to what is going all over the world, reading the news, and being in touch with the present era can somehow lessen the existential crisis.

Existential Crisis induced Depression

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 “I’m lost”, or “I’ m finished” are some common quotes you can hear these days which exhibit the depression of the millennial. As the economists say that this is technically a period of recovery from recession. Millennials belonging to the generation of our age are more in debt than the other generations, which pressurizes them for greater ends of awareness to save and invest money.

The ‘no growth’ of the country has made the development of an individual impossible. There is an internal vacuum. There were few regulations and less traffic with other generations but now life is getting stricter and is crowded, causing commotion and depression among the present generation.

Millennials are facing the highest stress level rather than any generation, though our generation have facilities far more better than our parents had, and have been applauded for its civic engagement, and unabashed ideology with which we our doing business.

The fact is that millennials have more opportunities, as our generation is unique and can do anything without any restriction. We can pursue our careers of what we our passionate about. Millennials have started realizing that times have changed and no matter which ever door you open, you have to overcome challenges.