7 Signs that Indicate You are Self-Absorbed

7 Signs that Indicate You are Self-Absorbed

7 Signs that Indicate You are Self-Absorbed

Being selfish or thinking about yourself once in a while isn’t wrong. But there are people who are obsessed with themselves. They show little concern for others and for them, all that matters is their opinions, comforts, interests. They are primarily interested in themselves and not very open to listening to other’s opinions or doing something as per others.

So what are the signs that you might be self-absorbed?

Here are 7 signs that indicate you are self-absorbed.

1. Analyze Your Conversations

analyze your conversation

The best way to figure out whether you are self-absorbed or not is to evaluate your conversations. If you are self- absorbed, you will most likely be the one doing most of the talking, dominate the discussion, talk mostly about yourself or matters that interests you. They care very little about learning anything new about the person they are talking to.

2. Poor Listening Skills

poor listening skills

Another way to judge whether or not you are self-absorbed, is to evaluate your listening skills. For people who are self-absorbed, their listening skills are very poor. Yu may not even pay any attention to what someone else is saying. Do you ask questions or nod and acknowledge parts of what was being spoken to you? Do you observe how the other person’s mood or concerns or interests are when they are talking to you?

3. Observe Your Feelings

observe your feelings

When you are talking to someone, does it feel like an ego game or competition, something that you have to win? Do you feel your talks need to be more engaging than someone else’s? If you are self-absorbed, you will be more focused on being right or winning an argument or being the best in a room. And when it doesn’t happen, you tend to get moody and sulk.

4. Considering Others' Feelings

considering others feelings

One good sign of whether you are self-absorbed or not is that you are unable to put yourself in another person’s shoes. You rarely think about the feelings of your family and friends. You end up upsetting people for your lack of consideration for their feelings.

5. Self-image 

self image

Those who are self-absorbed tend to spend more time considering how others perceive them. So, if you are one, it will be of utmost importance to you to figure out how others perceive you and how highly or fondly they think of you. Did you sound smart, cool, intelligent, and attractive in the group?

6. Response to Criticism

responding to criticism

If you are self-absorbed, you will not be able to take any form of criticism in a healthy manner. You will tend to get angry, defensive or even insulting if you are being criticized. Instead of understanding the other person’s point of view and correcting or improving certain aspects about yourself, you tend to take criticism on your ego.

7. Blame Game

blame game

When something goes wrong, you will tend to blame others for it. If you miss a movie show or forget to pay a bill or unable to complete a task on time, you hold someone else responsible for it. The reason being that as per you, you cannot make mistakes or be at fault.

Nobody likes to be called self-absorbed, but if you do observe these signs about yourself, take conscious steps to overcome it. Nothing is impossible.