7 Things to Remember When You Are Facing an Existential Crisis

7 Things to Remember When You Are Facing an Existential Crisis

7 Things to Remember When You Are Facing an Existential Crisis

People suffer from an existential crisis when they start thinking of the purpose of life, whether it is meaningless or devoid of any value. It could be triggered by a psychological trauma- a failed love relationship, loss of a dear one, loss of wealth and failure to achieve goals set in life. It can be the result of drug abuse, excessive alcoholism and being in the company of people who lack direction or are aimless.

Here are 7 things to remember when you face Existential Crisis

1. Philosophers Have Interpreted with the World in Various Ways

philosophy of life

Much before you faced an existential crisis, many philosophers have already pondered over the questions of existence, meaning of life and purpose of our birth. They have interpreted it in various ways and Karl Marx believed that it was time to change the world. And for good or bad, the world keeps on changing.

2. The Key Lies in Changing Yourself

change youself is key

Most often we are disgusted with life and feel it is time for people to change their attitude and way of thinking. But the magic lies in transforming oneself, not others. There is the story of a king who ruled a prosperous country. He went on a journey to distant parts of the country and returned.

He complained how rough the roads are and ordered to put leather on the roads. But a wise man in his court said it is better to wear a good pair of shoes instead of putting leather across the country.

3. Many Good Things Happened not Due to Existentialism

good things with existential crisis

Many of the good things we see in life whether it is a better mode of transportation, health care, bridges, medical care, housing or other comforts wouldn’t have happened if people weren’t optimistic and lulled into existential thoughts. We should see all the good things in life and learn to appreciate them.

4. Don’t be a Perfectionist

dont be perfect

Perfectionists may have an ideal view of their goals and targets in life. They may also have an idealistic view of the world which may be out of touch with reality. The key lies in learning to accept the world as it is rather than getting disappointed with it.

5. Most Often, Life is not Logical or Fair

life is logical

The key to happiness in life is not to think that life is fair to everyone. A vegetarian may be hit by a raging bull and a non-vegetarian may be spared. Bad things happen to good people but that is no reason to negate life and feel disappointed. Success in life is like a poker game. You can win with the best cards or by playing your game wisely and with persistence.

6. Focus on the Present Moment

focus on present moment

Past failures, setbacks or anxieties of the future could make life miserable for you. No matter what has happened in the past and what is going to happen in the future, you still have the power to change in the present moment and make your existence more meaningful.

7. See the Good in Others and Believe in Them

see the good in others

Whatever setbacks you have faced, whatever bad behavior you have encountered from others, the fact that there is something good in everyone, and there are several others who are kind, understanding and believe in doing good to society, can help you overcome your existential crisis. A small group of people can make you sad and disappointed but there is a much larger world out there. It is our thoughts that shape the way we view the world and it is on our hands to see the brighter side of things.