4 Positive Ways to Promote Self-Confidence in Students

4 Positive Ways to Promote Self-Confidence in Students

4 Positive Ways to Promote Self-Confidence in Students

Self-confidence should be inculcated at an early age of the child as it gives a boost to one’s career in the coming future. It is the key to success. Institutions are the prime source from where the students can gain self-confidence along with academic knowledge. Healthy levels of self-confidence equip the students to face stress in future life.

Such traits develop the personality of the child and make him an outstanding student and later on even an outstanding person in the long run. There are varieties of techniques to boost self-confidence in students.

1. Positive Feedback

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Children thrive on praise. Giving them a positive feedback whenever it is appropriate gives a push to the students, and they work hard as they know they will be appreciated. Even small gestures like smiling at the students or letting them know that you are satisfied with their performance to drive away the fear in them and makes them feel appreciated which helps them to know their worth.

On the other hand, if you keep on cursing the child or give negative feedback, he will not respond enthusiastically as he would do if he gets a  positive, constructive feedback and you will see him gradually improving, gaining self-confidence and more attentive in class with a focused attitude.

2. Achievable Realistic Goals

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All the students of the class are not of the same caliber. One should set realistic goals or put up questions to the students according to his or her mental level so that they can give correct answers and do not feel degraded among other students. 

This will enhance their confidence and will power to raise their hands if they wish to give answers rather than being a backbencher or sitting aloof. Participation in the class activities gives the opportunity to the students to open up among their peers. This can help them ease their insecurities and build confidence in themselves by eliminating all the negativity inside them.

3. Ease Student’s Insecurities

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Learning institutions are the only place where students get constructive learning environment. It builds confidence in them as they can develop various traits like that of leadership qualities, sportsmanship. By assigning them tasks of hall monitors or classroom monitor, you can eradicate fear in the students and build confidence in them. 

Performing different duties build self-confidence to do any task and without any fear of facing challenges or trying their hand at new experiences. Handling different tasks make them more responsible students who know their duties well and also how to perform it at their best to gain applause.

4. Be Enthusiastic About your Student’s Success

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If you want to build self-confidence in your students, then you also need to be enthusiastic about your student’s success.  If you are bored or distracted while teaching, then your students will also feel bored and apathetic and eventually start losing interest. You must always show enthusiasm and interest while teaching. The students will also feel that you care for their success and will be motivated to achieve their goals. Get to know the level of students individually. Create an open and positive environment where students feel free to tackle their problems. This will motivate them and enhance self-confidence in them.