Major Existential Crises Gifted Individuals Face

Major Existential Crises Gifted Individuals Face

Major Existential Crises Gifted Individuals Face

It is found that the individuals who are specially gifted and talented suffer from some crisis. This crisis is referred to depression when the person suffers from some issues in their life.

Depression is usually found in people who live alone or who are stressed up with their problems. Depression is an ultimate stage of stress. However, an existential crisis is often found in gifted people.

Ultimate Concerns

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Freedom, death, isolation and meaninglessness are the four such issues of existential depression as said by Yalom (1920). Death is an inevitable occurrence whereas freedom refers to the world which is inherently structured. 

Isolation means that there will always be some gap between people no matter how close they are and will always feel alone at some point in life. Meaningless combines all the three elements: death, freedom and isolation; Meaninglessness turns the person into a victim of depression.

Why do They Occur in Gifted Youngsters?

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Life gives equal chances to everyone.  Certain stressful thoughts may occur in a gifted person’s mind, rather than simply focusing on day to day aspects. Gifted people can see where the world is lacking and do not question the natural process of behaviour. 

These people try to share their concern with others and are often get puzzled reactions. Others of their age usually do not share the same concerns and are more focused on other issues. Their families too are not ready to share such weighted concerns from these gifted youngsters. 

What Happens to Them?

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In such situations, they try to find some striking points by which they can grasp to pull them out of unfairness. The more they try to pull themselves out, the more they come to know about the finite life that they are alone, and they are a just small organism in this humungous world.

In which age group this problem arises?

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Such types of concerns are not so surprising in an adult who are facing their mid-life crisis. However in people suffering from existential depression; this kind of stressed concerns come into a mind of the child of fourteen to fifteen. At this stage, they are in need of attention so that they could get out of this problem.

Due to these existential issues, our youngster put themselves into stress and buried themselves in its causes. We can help them by communicating with them and by telling them that they are not alone. It will work only when it is done in acceptable and understandable manner.

How to solve this problem?

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Humanity is all about helping each other. These youngsters are the future of our species and traditions. We must help them and communicate with them. We should tell them about the main concern they should have, boost them up, teach them how to enjoy life and make it stress-free.

These problems do not appear only once in our life. Instead, these crises are the one that every person faces in their mid-life. We could help numerous people who are facing this existential crisis by helping them and by helping them to realize that they are not alone. They must learn how to enjoy little moments in life and to bring inner peace which will help them to live their life peacefully.