10 Body Language Tricks to Spot Low Confidence

10 Body Language Tricks to Spot Low Confidence

10 Body Language Tricks to Spot Low Confidence

The level of confidence reflects your personality. Everyone prefers people with high confidence as those people are having a clear vision and flexible approach toward everything. The confidence is reflected by the body language of any person.

Here are some tricks through which you can recognize the people with low confidence.

1. Avoiding Eye Contact

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When you are having a conversation with people who are having low confidence, they often tend to avoid having an eye contact with you. They prefer talking without looking at you.

2.Standing Still like a Statue


If you are having a conversation with someone and you both are standing and talking, then if the person is standing extremely still which is not normal, then it means that person has low confidence in himself.

3.Tensed Facial Expressions

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If you are asking someone about something his personal life and he does not reply you normally instead he is replying with slow pace voice with tensed facial expressions, then it also describes that he has low confidence.

4. Sitting With Head Down

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If a person is not sitting normally and has his head down without any reason then it also reflects that he is having less confidence in himself.

5.Over Reacting

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If some small incident happens and that person over- reacts in that situation then also his low confidence is reflected because people with high confidence tend to observe the situation and never overreact.

6.Talking too Little or Too Much

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If any person is talking extremely less or extreme more then also the low confidence is reflected in him because the people with high confidence tend to speak as is necessary not more not less.

7. Looking Elsewhere while Having Conversations

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If you are speaking to someone and that person is looking here and there while talking to you, then it also reflects that he must be having low confidence in himself.

8. Late Replying


If you are talking to someone and he is listening to you but replying very late as if he is thinking before speaking then also his less confidence can be observed because the people with low confidence are the ones who hesitate before saying anything.

9. Feeling Confused due to Lack of Concentration on the Current Situation

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If a person is always confused about what he is doing then also his low confidence is reflected. The confused feeling declines the level of confidence.

10. Walking Uncomfortably  


The way people walk also reflects the confidence in them. The confident people walk straight, and the people who walk in an uncomfortable manner tend to have less confidence in them.

The above ten tricks will help you find out the people who are having less confidence in them. It is not a good factor. People need to realize these tactics, and if they have these qualities, then they should work hard and improve their confidence level. Today everybody demands the people who are having high confidence. Hence you should always try to escalate your confidence level.