Sensitivity Is A Gift, Cherish it!

Sensitivity Is A Gift, Cherish it!

Sensitivity Is A Gift, Cherish it!

Do you feel your eyes tear up each time something stirs you up – no matter how inconsequential it is? It does not matter if it is a piece of news about a mass destruction or a simple act of kindness you just witnessed. You feel easily moved and at times are left wondering if something is wrong with you? DO you feel a slight ring of truth and guilt each time somebody accuses you of being a cry baby (which coincidentally is pretty often)?

Well, no, you are not a cry baby AND there is nothing wrong with you. You are simply a sensitive person. Being a sensitive person is something which somehow in present times has taken on a more of a negative connotation than a positive one. It is seen as a handicap, a sign of someone who cannot keep his or her emotions in check. What they fail to realize is that sensitivity is a gift.

Yes, you heard that right. It is a gift. The reason why nobody believes so is because its perks and benefits are so subtle in nature. Read on below to realize how helpful and amazing it really is:

Ability To Understand Others’ Moods

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If you notice closely enough, you’ll observe that you understand and read people better than they let out. Even if a friend says he is fine, it is the tone which is enough to tell us sensitive people how truthful he or she is really being. We are able to connect and hence empathize better. The person does not need to go down to the basic details for us to be able to get, or rather, feel the subtext better. And then the same person who calls us oversensitive wonders why we are the one whom everyone goes to, in case of a need.

Become better writers


Beliefs That Will Stop You from Being Creative

Awkward or weird as it may sound, being sensitive does help us become better with the pen. And not just as a writer, we become better artists, creators, musicians, everything. If it is in a creative world, a sensitive person has a better chance of success. Why? Simply because they ‘’feel’’ more. They are able to get into the shoes of the waiting parent or the longing lover, see and experience things as to what the others would be going through and replicate or modify accordingly.

Be more humane


Most Important Things in the World Right Now

In a world ripped apart with wars, communal tensions and materialistic debauchery, everyone sometime or the other needs to be reminded that humanity still exists. And more often than not, it is the ‘’oversensitive’’ people like you and movie who bear that torch. Whether it is about feeding a hungry homeless or giving shelter to a scared/abused neighbor, sensitive people have done all and more. They are the ones who never hesitate a moment while coming to someone’s rescue, no matter the magnitude of the problem.

Have more stories


Learn The Art of Successful Communication

Has any dinner table conversation ever revolved around how mean a particular person had been? Guess not, unless it is the Adam’s family table. Everyone wants to talk to the person who has something positive to say, a heartwarming story to share. Thus, it is mostly the sensitive one who is the lifeline as they have lived the stories they share and thereby bring in more variety and better authenticity.

So, whosoever thinks otherwise, think again. Do you still think being sensitive is not a gift?