People with High Emotional Intelligence Taking the World with a Storm

People with High Emotional Intelligence Taking the World with a Storm

People with High Emotional Intelligence Taking the World with a Storm

The term Emotional Intelligence was first coined by John Mayer (University of New Hampshire) and Peter Salovey (University of Yale). The concept was popularized by Daniel Goleman through his best-selling book Emotional Intelligence. Emotional Intelligence (EI) has come a long way since then. Now, people around the world have come to realize just how important EI is, when it comes to high performance. In fact, people with high emotional intelligence excel not just at work, but also in their personal life. Even though people have accepted the fact that a high EI is a great catalyst for success, the term itself is a bit obscure to most of us.

So, what exactly is emotional intelligence? It is the ability to understand and be in charge of your emotions and that of others. Does it mean they are not emotional? Certainly, not. It’s just that emotionally-intelligent people have tremendous control over their emotions. They know how to manage their emotions in the right direction, so as to reap maximum benefits and cause least damage from them.

Emotional intelligence: steering you to the path of success


Self Discipline For Success

Emotional intelligence has some indisputable benefits that enable you to take the best possible action at any given point.  You learn to make better decisions and are extremely confident. You know how to take on challenges and deal with any problem you might stumble upon. It also empowers you to excel in your day-to-day professional and personal interactions. Researchers have enough evidence to believe that EI is directly linked to high performance. Let’s see how people with high EI do better in life than their counterparts.

You control your emotions better by self-awareness


Ways to Overcome Negative Thoughts

One can never exaggerate the advantages of self-awareness. It not only lets you identify your emotions better but also helps you understand your personality and that of others, enabling you to connect with others on a deeper level. When you become aware of your emotions, you can fully control its effects. For instance, let’s say someone has criticized you for your work and you feel terrible about it. If you are self-aware, you can easily transform that feeling to motivation. The fact that someone has only bad things to say about your work can be considered a challenge to produce the best results and o prove them wrong. Self-awareness can open up plethora of opportunities if you know how to channel your negative emotions well. 

You are excellent in relationships

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Essential Phrases to Manintain Healthy Relationship

When you are aware of the emotions of others, you will be able to understand them more than just from their words. Better understanding between people always leads to stronger bonds. If someone is sad or demotivated, you know exactly what you should say to make them feel positive again. People will love you for this trait and such kind gestures will lead you to many wonderful professional and personal relations.

You become confident

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Sure Shot Methods to Build Self Confidence

Emotional intelligence gives you the power to speak your mind and be yourself. At times, we cannot muster up enough courage to say what we feel. If you disagree with the status quo in a meeting or a have better ideas than your boss, we try to hold ourselves back due to nervousness and anxiety. Emotionally-intelligent people will quickly spot these fears and convince their mind that speaking what you strongly feel about will lead to healthy discussion and transparency, which would eventually help everyone to come up with well thought-out decision. EI empowers you to overcome your fears and work towards the greater good.

You deal with mistakes better

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Best Lessons About Failures

Everybody makes mistakes. As a matter of fact, it is our right to make mistakes. And people with EI know dwelling over their old mistakes is not going to benefit them in any way. They forgive themselves, but never forget the mistakes. Most emotionally-intelligent people see mistakes for what they are, life lessons, and then they move on.  

You handle challenges and pressure well

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Challenges We Face

EI gives you an edge over others when it comes to handling challenges and pressure. While others might find challenges intimidating, emotionally-intelligent people know how to make the most of them. They see challenge as an opportunity for growth, which gives them enough strength to not be terrified, but to face it head-on.

Likewise, we tend to underperform in pressure and are prone to make too many errors. However, EI enables you to train your mind to be extra considerate and sharp under pressure. When such people have a fast approaching deadline, they do not let pressure get the better of them, instead they try to remain focused.

How EI dominates every field

In every field where human interaction is essential, you could find people with EI are leading the way to success.

  • Leadership - It is a proven fact that leaders with high EI are far more successful in running their businesses than their peers. They use EI to understand their business partners, employees, and customers better. Leaders with emotional intelligence know how to inspire their staff and keep them motivated at all times.  
  • Creative roles - If you are an artist, a writer, an actor, or anybody from the creative field, it is extremely important that you connect with your audience through your art. Also, collaborating with the right people ensures your talent reaches maximum number of people. An emotionally-intelligent person can deal with all of this without difficulty.
  • Service providers - EI is also pertinent in service industries such as consulting, hospitality, education, etc. where you have to directly interact with your clients and customers.

Practically, in every possible profession EI is making its presence felt very strongly and it’s time you wake up to this reality. Take some time to understand yourself and people around you, you will be much more happier and successful than you ever thought!