Facing The Worst Circumstances

Facing The Worst Circumstances

Facing The Worst Circumstances

When we face the worst that can happen in any situation, we grow. When circumstances are at their worst, we can find our best.” - Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

We all have those times in our lives when the circumstances around us are so terrible, when whatever we’re facing is so incredibly hard that all we want to do is hide away from the world and somehow let it pass as if it’s a bad storm and we’re tucked away inside in front of the fireplace. But life doesn’t happen that way, life urges us the face the worst no matter how much we wish we could hide away.

Facing the worst though enables us to grow and learn more, to become the best version of ourselves. There are a few ways we can train our mind to not only face things in the best way possible, but also gain as much as we can out of it and turn it into a learning experience that could benefit us later on.

1. Is There a way to Change The Circumstances?

is there a way to change the circumstances

Strategies For Changing Your Circumstances

The situation you’re in is not ideal so the first question to ask yourself is if you can actually change the situation. Maybe it’s a job you don’t like – Can you change things about it? Can you even change your job? Can you get a better one and have a better situation? Or if your relationship is causing some challenges? What are the things you can change to improve the relationship? What can you take responsibility for to turn into the best part of that relationship?

2. Can You Change Yourself?

change yourself

The Secret To Prosperity

Sometimes the situation cannot be changed and it prompts you to change yourself – unless you want to stay miserable in a bad situation and with a terrible attitude. How can you change yourself to make everything better? How can you look for little things to be grateful for every day and improve your situation just by changing your perspective on it? How can you grow into a better person who handles the situation better?

3. Break the Pattern

brake the pattern

Breaking the Worst Possible Outcomes 

Sometimes certain situations trigger us over and over again in the same way. But what if we were able to control our response? What if you figured out a way to break the trigger before it generates an unwanted reaction? Sometimes breaking that pattern can be as simple as pausing before reacting and allowing that space in between. Other times it calls for a longer break in the situation, for a bit of time away. This works particularly well when your trigger for a challenging situation is a person as it prevents you from saying something that will only escalate things later on.

Facing the worst circumstances is never easy and never something we want to deal with willingly, but taking a bit of time to learn from those experiences can help us grow into stronger and better human beings, can make our lives a lot easier no matter the circumstances and can turn us into a leader for our lives, our families and our communities.