Passive Aggressive Behaviour

Passive Aggressive Behaviour

Passive Aggressive Behaviour

A Passive Aggressive behaviour is highly intolerable. It is always difficult to be around one. One should never end up being a person with passive aggressive behaviour. In today’s hectic scheduled era, people tend to become passive aggressive and it is always advised not be one. These type of people are never welcomed.

1. Silent Treatment

silent treatment

Passive Aggressive people usually prefer silent treatment. Instead of directly saying no towards some work they firstly don’t do it and don’t even bother to tell that the work is undone.

2. Not Appearing for Work

not appearing for work

This is a common trait of passive aggressive behaviour. The people with this nature do not appear on work regularly. They are missing from work most of the time. They tend to take leaves very often.

3. Not Giving Favourable Results

not giving favourable results

The results of the work they do is most of the time unfavourable. The work they perform doesn’t have efforts and hard work. Everything done by them is fluffed. Due to this these is no optimum of favourable result received from their side.

4. Looking for Second Job options

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They are always wondering to leave their current job and working somewhere else. They are never satisfied with what they have and always tend to high light the flaws almost in every situation.

5. Being Unfavourable and Unproductive

being unfavourable and unproductive

The work done by the people with passive aggressive behaviour is never in its optimum form. It has many flaws in them and is always observed to be of unproductive nature. The work done by them is just wastage nothing favourable.

6. Stealing Small things from Work Area

woman hand smartphone desk large

They have this weird and wrong habit of stealing little things from the work area for example like stationery. This kind of habit is unbearable. A person with passive aggressive behaviour is extremely intolerable person.

7. Spreading Negativity

spreading negativity

All they can be best at is in spreading negative aspects and thought everywhere. Their mind can only see the unfavourable things. All of their focus is on the thing which is lacking even if the conditions are favourable.

8. Doing Damage to the Properly at Work Area

doing damage to the properly at work area

Damaging the work property is a serious issue. This is also a trait of passive aggressive behaviour. These people go on work and for no reason they damage the property at work.

Passive aggressive behaviour can be under anyone. It is never favourable to be a person like this. So, if you are having these traits then please try to change yourself and be a better person so that it will benefit you and people around you as well.