Performance Goal Examples

Performance Goal Examples

Performance Goal Examples

Performance goals are vital to the success of the organization. Whatever you want to achieve in your personal life is only possible when you can meet the primary performance goals that are related to the motivation, job satisfaction, and accountability. These are usually most common Smart Goal to be achieved for an individual for a better life.

The performance goals tend to be short-term objectives that are created for specific purposes. They are related to the overall performance goals of the company or can be department oriented as well. To be effective, it is necessary that they are defined in a proper manner and is measurable

1. Specific


The goals must be specific in nature. It is what separates a general goal from a particular one. It ensures that the employee is engaged and buys into the goals of the company. Sometimes the goal can come from the top management of the company

2. Measurable


Whatever goal is set, it needs to be quantified in measurable terms. There should be periodic evaluations in place, say a week or a month to determine whether you are on the right track.

3. Purpose


You need to understand the purpose of setting a goal in the first place. One of the best practices that can be advocated is that the manager and the employee sit together to create goals which are specific both to the aspiration of the employees.

4. Attainable


You must note that whatever goals are set they needs to be attainable also. There is no point in working for something that can never be achieved. In that case, there will be a drop in shoulders, and that will demotivate you to a large extent.

5. Time Bound

time bound

Any goal irrespective of its stature should be time bound in approach. It cannot continue for years, and a fixed schedule needs to be set when it can be achieved. The primary goal can be further subdivided into smaller ones.

6. Important


You need to understand at this stage why performance goals are important. At an elementary level, most of the people want to know how they are performing. It would help you to keep focused, and performance goals help you to achieve this.

7. Relevant


The goals that are set might be appropriate, to be achieved. It should be cleared stated on what is expected from the employees or the organization in question. These goals are vital from an organizational point of view.

When you establish quick goals, it is also an important way to set the path for the performance of the goals of the company. It also creates a path to achieving those goals. When you set goals, and they do not contain these elements, it leads to a state of confusion. One cannot hold the employees as well as the managers accountable for this in any way. These goals can be centered on performance, training as well as sales initiatives.