How to Make the Best of the 29th Day

How to Make the Best of the 29th Day

How to Make the Best of the 29th Day

Leap year means a year with an extra day for which you don’t get paid, so you don’t need to work.

A undeclared HOLIDAY which you need to declare for yourself.

To make the best use of this holiday the first thing you need to do is get yourself cut off from your daily world by switching off your phones and get yourself kidnapped so that for a day no person known to you can reach you or can get any information about where you are, what you are doing for that day. A complete “BLACKOUT DAY”.

Now that you have a day all for yourself with no one to claim any part of it start planning, how you want to utilize it to the fullest.

You have three options :

Spend it on yourself


Believe In Yourself

Relish your wildest dreams – no one in this world knows you, so you have no fear, shame or hesitation to do anything which you thought of doing. Spend every second of the day as if you are the king of this world and have the power and the resource to do anything your heart desires. Don’t think about cost – live as if this is your last day in this world. Make it so wild that this one day is worth more than sum total of the time you have spent till now in this world.

Spend it on Others


Sharing is Caring

You are the greatest philanthropist / charitable trust in the history of mankind. Give it out. Fill the enigmatic peace and make your life worth full at least for a day. Pick up a hungry kids from the slums and feed them in a 5 star hotel, buy channa from a poorest roadside vendor and give him 5000 bucks for the channa worth Rs 5. Go to a old age home and take care of the person who is ignored most by her children – give her the love caring that she can’t ever imagine. Take her out to a movie, the best restaurant in town, give her the best dress buy a music system or a television or a costly mobile. Go to a Govt. hospital and pay the bill of a kid whose parents can’t afford to treat him. You spend the day in the name of others in such a way that he/she will remember you every second for the rest of the life they live in this world.

Spend it on God


Taking a Leap of Faith

Attain Moksha… Go out in the lonely planet and meditate….. Make it a gratitude day. Sit alone in the lap of mother nature listening to the plethora of natural music such as the sound of the flowing stream, songs of the birds, smell of the moving breeze and view the eye cooling painting of the environment surrounding you.

Take this extra day that the Almighty has given you to thank him for all the wonderful things that you have got in this world. Thank him for giving you the opportunity to see this beautiful world, have such a wonder family , for giving the strength to stand strong in times of difficulty and enjoy the good time to the fullest, for giving the scope to learn from the mistakes and improve upon the success you have achieved. You will find an internal solace that will make you a totally different person the next day.

Finish the day in any of the above ways and sleep alone far from your family friends relatives with a blank mind like a baby.

You rise the next day rejuvenated – A new life, a new hope, a new scope….   Until the next LEAP YEAR.