Good Thoughts on Cleanliness

There is a common saying – Cleanliness is next to Godliness. Mahatma Gandhi mentioned that cleanliness and good habits are essential to close lasting relationships. It is for this very reason that you may have observed the relationship between cleanliness and peaceful and calm living. Many cultures especially Eastern allude to the relationship and suggest that for true peace cleanliness is an essential ingredient.

Some Quotes on Cleanliness

  • 1. John Wesley said: Let it be observed that slovenliness is no part of religion and the Bible or any other scripture never condemns neatness of apparel. Certainly, cleanliness is indeed next to godliness.
  • 2. According to the Talmud: The doctrines of religion are resolved into carefulness; this carefulness is resolved into vigorousness; vigorousness into guiltlessness; guiltlessness into abstention; abstention into cleanliness; cleanliness into godliness.
  • 3. An individual may be an expert in any field but without inner cleanliness is brain is like a waste desert –Sri Sathya Sai baba.
  • 4. In all aspects of life holiness, purity, inner cleanliness, and refinement exalt the human condition.... Even in the physical realm cleanliness will exalt the human condition.
  • 5. What aerates any two people most profoundly is their difference in their sense and degree of cleanliness - Friedrick Nietzsche.
  • 6. Cleanliness can be defined as the purest emblem of the mind – Joseph Addison.
  • 7. You are the window through which you must see the world. Better maintain a clean and bright demeanor – George Bernard Shaw.
  • 8. Often beauty produces love and cleanliness preserves the beauty. Age is not unnamable when it is preserved with clean and unsullied. Like a metal constantly smoothed to keep it bright we look on it with more pleasure than a vessel covered with rust.
  • 9 If you stay long enough without a bath even the fleas will leave you alone.
  • 10. Life has its way of putting things in order. Very tidy is life.
  • 11. Be careless in your outward appearance if you will. But keep a tidy soul – Mark Twain.
  • 12. Bathe twice daily to be really clean. Once each day to be passably clean and once a week to avoid being a public menace.
  • 13. Be strong in body, have lofty ideals and clean in mind – James Naismith.
  • 14. Maintain a clean and strong character – Lord Chesterfield.
  • 15. Clean out a small corner of your mind and instantly creativity will fill it – Dee Hock.
  • 16. Do not call the world dirty unconscious of the fact you forgot to clean your glasses – Aaron Hill.
  • 17. I will not let anyone stroll through my kind with dirty feet – Mahatma Gandhi.
  • 18. Civilization is the space man has placed between himself and his own droppings – Brian W. Aldiss.
  • 19. We ought to live a life of heaven on earth, amidst the beauty of blissful realms.
  • 20. Clean your mind and your country will automatically be dry cleaned often.

Cleanliness is indeed next to godliness and is one of the many visible products that we gain through a constant process of self-evaluation and improvement. This is an essential aspect that if left unattended can possibly act as a small hindrance to our progress in this life.

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