How to Avoid Feeling Self-Conscious During Interviews?

How to Avoid Feeling Self-Conscious During Interviews?

How to Avoid Feeling Self-Conscious During Interviews?

People usually tend to be self- conscious during an interview because they really doubt about their probability of being selected for that job. They pause to think about whether they look decent in their attire. Or Are their qualifications enough for the applied job? Or  Whether the persons on the interview panel think that they are capable of doing the job they have applied for?

All these questions haunt the interviewees at the time they sit before an interview panel. But does it do any good to the applicants? If not, what are the ways of overcoming them?

Be it a college interview or a job interview, self- consciousness is disruptive. It shakes the confidence from you. As a result, you will not be able to perform better and will be out from the selection list first. The best way to learn to talk confidently is to stand in front of a mirror and practice talking to yourself. This will help you to get rid of the problem to  a large extent. If you don't want to be a loser practice two things.

Make the Receiver of the Communication Comfortable


You may be a talented speaker, but your success lies in the acceptance of what you communicated to the audience. When you get tensed, you tend to concentrate on yourself and forget the person who is listening to you. To give an example, You are a new teacher who has just come for the first day in college.

The very first day tends to be a flop for you because you are tensed as to how your lectures will be received by the students. Then you will be busy concentrating on yourself and forget the panic- stricken students who are hearing your lecture for the first time.

The success of an effective communicator is not to talk. Instead, he has to pause to listen to the listener. Similarly, in an interview you should stop and listen to the interviewer. When you approach the interviewer with confidence you will avoid making such mistakes.So the first duty of a communicator is to make the listener comfortable.

Create a Favorable Atmosphere


You can create a favorable atmosphere by getting rid of anxiety. When you start to concentrate on the audience you can speak more confidently. What you talk doesn't matter. Your facial expression, body language, and several other factors determine whether you are a good speaker.  Keep in mind that the words which you use to convey what you want to communicate only create a negligible influence on the audience.

But your success level to be accepted as a good speaker depends on your voice tone. Your tone will not be effective or better when you are nervous. So don't be self-conscious when in an interview.

If you are capable enough to appear to be tension free and confident to the interviewer, you are successful.It is not enough if you prepare your interview stuff properly, you should create a favorable atmosphere where you can share your views with the interviewer.