Shortcuts to Being the Boss

Shortcuts to Being the Boss

Shortcuts to Being the Boss

Everybody wants to be boss. But being a boss is not as easy as it seems. Boss means being responsible for everything good or bad. Managing everything and staying alert about every situation and controlling everything accordingly. It is much more to take initiative and foresee the consequences of an action of subordinate and guide him accordingly.

If you want to be a boss you have to prove yourself as the fittest person for this designation. It is a position with a chair full of thorns and a minor error is also not acceptable as you are the role model for a number of subordinates. But if you keep a few things in mind and follow them, you can be everybody’s favorite boss and even people will start accepting you as their boss in a very short time.

Judge People by yourself


Try to understand and judge people by your presence of mind. You must develop the skill to identify the right person for a right job. Avoid being with people who are constantly praising in front of you and back biting behind you. Try to develop your own skills of differentiating between people and their views about you. Don’t hesitate to promote the person who deserve it on the base of his skill set.

Stay Away from Day Dreamers

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It is important to dream, but only day dreaming is not worth for any work. It would be better if you stay away from such kind of people. Always surround yourself with people who believe in action rather than daydreaming, because it is your action which will make your dreams come true. It is though a bit difficult to handle such people, but you must take stringent actions to make them feel ground realities and achieve the dreams by perfect path as well as a course of action.

Stay Alert of the Lobby


In every workplace there are certain groups or lobbies who are least bothered about their own work but create nuisance to others. Stay away from such people and only concentrate on your work, this will certainly make you everyone’s favorite because its only work that speaks. Your action must speak louder than your words and it can be possible only by fulfilling your duties in the best of your capacity.

Take Initiative

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In spite of giving several excuses, try to come forward and take initiative for doing work by yourself. You should also have a talent of managing and supervising all projects under your guidance. Stay away from people who are not at all interested in doing work and have several excuses for themselves that can delay the work.

Find Like-minded People

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It is always said that for being successful you need like minded people, for this you have to create your own group whose thinking and working style is exactly like you who are dreamers and achieve their goals by their action.

Find Blogs and Forums


In order to check your progress and your criteria of doing work or even knowing whether the things are going right you can also find some blogs and join some forums. Here you can discuss your day by day happenings, work as well as other things and discuss about right and wrong. By this you will come to know the other’s way of doing work.