Transformational Leadership to Avoid Office Feuds

Transformational Leadership to Avoid Office Feuds

Transformational Leadership to Avoid Office Feuds

Are you struggling and getting irritated with the office wars? Yes, this is common for many years and employees with a difference of opinions will always have a fight on something or the other. The reasons can be very silly or yet at times can be serious as well. However, this causes disturbance to the entire team and even to the office which affects the work and performance. Here are the five measures which the leader or the manager has to take for a healthy environment. 

Act at Appropriate Time

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Even though you are a manager, take your time before coming into the conflict. Give enough space for the employees to settle their own misunderstandings. At the same instance, do not wait till the condition becomes worse. Once you found there is enough evidence of the wrong things or the reasons for dispute, then you can take appropriate action.

Know the Situation Completely

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Instead of just getting the details from here and there and drawing conclusions from it, spare some time and have the patience to listen to both the employees who are having misunderstandings. Then, you will be able to judge the whole scenario properly.  It is always advised to go with the facts and not with the emotions.

 Proper Solution for Conflict

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It is when you do not know or take proper measures to solve the dispute, and then the chances are high that the conflict will rise for sure. So, ask each employee what they want to at the end of the fight. Sit with each other after knowing each version and try to figure out the possible solutions for their problem. Ensure that you are giving each other enough time while they are speaking, otherwise, all the time you spent in resolving their issue will go wasted. Make sure that you are being objective and absolutely not biased when you take the final decision.

Document and Teach Them

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As you find that there are some disturbances going around you, find out the things with your involvement. Even though you need not bother or go there to settle, make a note of them so that you can discuss these at the time of need. As a leader or manager, you even have the right to teach them how to react to the situations which they are not comfortable. 

Lead Professional Environment

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As the Boss, you have to be professional and ensure that your employees are just following your way of behaving in the workplace. Let the feuds know that their conflicts are not tolerated and not even healthy to the office environment. You have the right and responsibility to set the proper and friendly tone of communication in the office. This has to be followed by the others to outperform. 

In a word, provide an environment where they can resolve their problem without your intervention. This will bring things to a normal situation even after the fight. These leadership qualities are gifted to inborn leaders and others need to practice them with the course of time.