Ways to Cheer Up During Bad Times

Ways to Cheer Up During Bad Times

Ways to Cheer Up During Bad Times

We all have our bad days. It is a part of life, after all. We feel down and under. We feel like there is no hope left in this world. Sometimes, to the point where we feel like dying saying that there is no point in living anymore. But somehow, we manage to pick ourselves up after the beating and be born again a new man or woman. Which is why we need to learn to cheer up during the bad times in order for us to become better people when more storms will come our way. If ever the cause of your bad day was from someone you know about, you can refer to this article on how emotionally intelligent people deal with criticism.


Here are a few ways to pull yourself back on your feet after going through a tough time: Take a breath. Breathe in and breathe out. Repeat the process as long as you need to.


As you begin to inhale that new energy provided by the universe, allow yourself to exhale the negative vibe away from your system. And as you breathe, clear your mind from all the things bothering you and let it all go. Breathing slowly serves as a way to relax more. Go take a bath. If you are still not feeling better by the time you have finished your breathing, then I would suggest a good soak in the water. Believe it or not, taking a shower is a way that mentally washes you clean from the “dirt” that you have gotten all day and come out a new and revitalized person, with the impression that he or she is ready for a brand new day. Listen to music. And no, I am not talking about sad and depressing music that will further make your mood worse. The kind of music you should be listening to is uplifting music that helps lift the soul and will surely boost your spirits. Instead of classical, try listening to pop music with happy and energetic vibes. Or, you can always jam to house music in your room.


Watch a movie. What genre you would want to watch is entirely up to you. But the most important thing is not to contain all that sadness inside of you. Too much helium in the balloon and it will burst. So, be careful to let out a bit of air in the best way a lot of people know how. If you want to laugh, watch a movie that is purely comedy or perhaps even a romantic comedy movie. If you want to cry, watch a sad movie. If you want to see a movie that keeps the adrenaline running, watch an action adventure movie. If you want to stimulate your brain to exercise a bit of thinking, then indulge yourself with a mystery movie. If you would want some hairs to be raised, I would suggest going with horror. Keep yourself distracted from all that negativity.


Talk to someone. Grab a coffee with your girlfriend, boyfriend, lover, best friend, friend, acquaintance, colleague, workmate, even a stranger, and let it all out—all your thoughts, all your worries, all your anxieties, all your problems in life, everything and anything. Let it out. Do not hold it in. All the person has to do is to simply listen to you. He or she does not have to say anything. He or she just needs a shoulder to lean on sometimes, without really saying a word.


Sleep. They say sleeping can solve almost anything. By learning to sleep your problems and bad days away, you would eventually forget you had them in the first place since it is replaced by good dreams and pleasant memories of the people or places you hold dear to you.


Eating. Although it is never the best option to stress eat, it is what people do sometimes when they are feeling down. Be advised to watch what you eat as stress eaters tend to mismanage on the things they consume that they forget they might be accidentally shortening their own lives in the process.


Exercise. Take a five-kilometer walk, run a marathon, swim, jog, bike—any form of exercise that does not involve staying in the house. If you exercise with music as you run, there is a tendency of forgetting the unpleasant day that you just had as you focus on the task at hand instead.


Make a plan. Keep yourself busy and productive. Time is gold, they say. Time gone cannot be retrieved again, they say. And they are always right. The longer you spend feeling depressed and sorry about yourself on the bad day you are experiencing, the more time is being taken away from you when you have homeworks to complete, projects to finish, or even a test to study for the next day. If you insist, allow yourself some time to be sad. But afterward, get back to work.


Make a change. If you do not like the crowd you are hanging out with today, change it. If there is something that you do not like in your life or something that is holding you back, get rid of it. It is not healthy to keep the thing that is just dragging you down or withholding your ability to become a better person in life. Because those types of people are just like crabs in a bucket, always trying to pull the other down. Toxic people in life should be discarded and replace them with new friends and better company.


Find someone to serve or help. Sometimes we can’t do it for ourselves, so we have to do it for others. Say yes to social events, even if you don’t want to. If you are having a bad day, use that as an opportunity to lighten up the moods of others too. Because somehow, when someone is happy, you feel happy with him or her too. Lean to make someone’s day better by doing even the kindest and smallest of things. Even something as simple as a smile can help. They do say that a smile is contagious, so start smiling and brighten up someone’s day.