The Importance of Unconditional Self-Love

The Importance of Unconditional Self-Love

The Importance of Unconditional Self-Love

Do you love your life? Do you consider your birth and existence as a gift of life? If your answer is in the affirmative, then beyond question, you will have unconditional love for yourself. 

Having love and respect for yourself, makes you speak to others with respect and dignity. Likewise, for any reason, if you happen to hate yourself, you would see no value in your life as well as in anyone else’ lives.

Furthermore, to not have the love for yourself would mean similar as being absolutely ungrateful by declining a gift which has been given to you so generously.  As a consequence of not having self-love, you would not have any eminent dreams or goals in life, in which case you would have less substantial reasons to work, learn or even to gain wisdom and to stay healthy.

Having Self-Love Keeps You Constantly Motivated

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Self-love operates as a safety net and helps to keep you motivated and safe at all times. Even when you confront periods of adversity and heavy distress, having unconditional love for yourself and for who you are, prevents you from falling down and becoming heartbroken. 

Even at times when you are absolutely disheartened and when life offers you no reason to live, self-love functions as an influential reason for you to stay steady and patient until the dark clouds fade away.

self love not pride

“Self-love is not self-pride”. Self-love helps to enhance your spirit and help you move towards victory whereas self-pride destroys the tranquility in your mind. 

Having unconditional self-love would propel you to win a game; however, if you happen to lose it, although you may feel somewhat disappointed, you would not be totally anguished by unnecessarily blaming yourself for the result. People who have no love for themselves begin to hate themselves at times of failure and break down, considering the occurrence to be their own fault.

Keeps You Activated

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No matter what the circumstance is, if you love yourself unconditionally, you will be constantly activated. Being activated means that despite any failures or disasters, you would be able to wear a smile and approach the next situation with more efficiency.

Consider yourself as your best friend and share things with yourself. How is that possible? You could do that by using a diary to make note of everything which happens in your life. It has been proven that people who use a diary, have more self-love and affability than people who don’t. 


In comparison with a person sitting on a branch, a person standing on the ground has nothing to fear, since he has nowhere to fall. (Nothing to lose) He is secured by his position.

In the same manner, when you have unconditional self-love, you are well secured. You will have yourself as a friend even if your friends happen to abandon you and drift away. Thereby you would never be alone. Understanding that fact would help to keep you activated and motivated.

self love bbenfits

When we let people realize that they are valuable and thus point out to them that they matter, we are also letting them realize that they bring value to the entire world in many ways, some of which we have never even given any thought about. 

Letting people know that their say and voice matters in a huge way, would make them gain confidence and begin to create love for themselves. In doing so, people would get motivated to truly use their voice to make radical changes in the world.  To use their voices to help others find their own voices.

Therefore always keep your focus on the good qualities and abilities you already possess rather than contemplating on the things you are incapable of doing.