7 Ways Your Body Language Radiates Success

7 Ways Your Body Language Radiates Success

7 Ways Your Body Language Radiates Success

Somewhere in the dawn of time, a rather nasty caveman decided he was going to bully his neighbour, 'Ugg'(we'll call the nasty caveman 'Bart').  Bart went over to his neighbour's cave, fully intending to take away all the delicious beef jerky, beets, and stored river water he could find there. Worse, he was going to get 'Joyce', Bart's girlfriend, to carry it all back to the Bartcave and.. Err, let's keep this a family article.
In any case, that's when Ugg decided to get a little smart and daring.

He puffed himself up with a wide stance and a howled mightily at Bart from the mouth of the cave. Joyce was with him, her teeth bared madly, and with a flick of her wrist sent one beef jerklet flying into Bart's massive forehead as a challenge. Bart, with a frown that made him look like a small, angry hill, decided that this was too much work and left to spend the day complaining about the problems with the world with his other, less intelligent neighbour, 'Donald'.

Confidence is a powerful thing. How do you puff yourself up to intimidate or otherwise impress the masses? Here are 7 powerful tips that Ugg would share if he favored  polysyllabic communications:

1. The 'Royal' 

royal look

Appearance: Throw your shoulders back, your chest out, and raise your chin.

Good posture adds a regal bearing to your appearance. If your posture is too relaxed it is easy to 'slump' and to appear less capable. Watch your posture!

2.  The Improved 'Joffrey'


Appearance: A sneer, pursed lips, and slight frown. Keep it slight so that you look like a displeased adult(that's the improvement.)

If you are a Game of Thrones fan then you've seen this look many times, when Joffrey was forced to do anything that might be considered remotely decent. If you adopt this look and minimize the frown while maintaining silence it has a dominating effect. The other person will become nervous and speak first. Now the ball is in your court.

 3. The 'Economic' Stride

walking firmly

Appearance: Briskly walking with firm, calculated movements.

Practice walking with 'the Royal' in your posture. Learn to make your walk fast and economical in motion, meaning that you aren't wasting any movements. This will help you to exude a confidence just walking around.

 4.  The 'Assessment' Look

assesment look

Appearance: Lifted chin(stare down your nose at them a little, too.)

This is a good 'introductory glance' when meeting someone new at the workplace. Make it quick and switch to a big, friendly smile and it gives you the appearance of being calculating and intimidatingly versatile in expression. 

 5. 'The Might of Barry White'

lower voice

Appearance(audial):  Lowered vocal pitch with bass.

Lowering your voice gives an air of easy confidence. When you have a good idea, deliver it in relaxed, deep tones whenever possible. Don't go crazy with it, just lower your voice a little to sound informed.

 6.  The 'Cat' 

maintain eye contact

Appearance: Prolonged, unblinking, and focused eye-contact.

Ever had a staring contest with a cat? It put things in perspective. You feel like the cat is patient and doesn't care because it's right and you are wrong. Use that to your advantage. Like 'the Joffrey', a silent stare and long pause can force the other to speak first, which can be a blow to their confidence and a boost to yours. 

7. The 'Italian' Emphasis

emphatic guestures

Appearance: Emphatic gestures

If you have ever taken a trip to Italy or even watched a few movies with Italian characters then you have seen this one. It's not a stereotype. Italians tend to speak passionately and their bodies reflect this. Learn to do the same.

Don't overuse them, but throw in some gestures to add a little weight to your words. Steepled hands when making a suggestion, employed for a few seconds, can add some emphasis. Holding both hands in front of you like there is a small box between them and pushing them forward when saying  words you wish to  emphasize can help as well. Watch how the power figures from the movies speak persuasively and take some of those gestures to incorporate into your own speaking. Go on. You'll be surprised how much weight simple gestures can add to your words.

We hope that you will take these tips to heart and that they will add power and confidence to all your workplace and social communications. Radiate success and confidence and these attributes will be YOURS.