Major Personality Types and Their Traits

Major Personality Types and Their Traits

Major Personality Types and Their Traits

Like we know that not everyone is alike, but what is that one thing which sets us apart from one another. The answer is a different personality type. And this topic is diverse if one comes to talk about it really.

But there is five big personality type we can classify ourselves with, let’s talk about them now.

1. Openness

First personality type is Openness. People inherited with this personality type are usually high on adrenaline and are keen to learn new things, basically, the ones who are open to experiences. These people are the adventure freak, always looking for new ways to channel their never ending enthusiasm.


They are always curious for discovering new things and also like appreciating beautiful and one of a kind artworks. According to studies by psychologists, this personality type blooms after one reaches the adulthood. Although people who are traditional and are unformed in life usually would scoreless in this personality type test.

2. Conscientiousness

Next personality type is Conscientiousness and people from this personality type are totally opposite from personality openness type. These are the disciplined and uniformed one. They are not spontaneous i.e. they do not react on their direct impulses, but rather prefer planning before doing anything.

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Adults who are punctual and regulated usually score high on conscientiousness. People with this personality always have this strong sense of duty. It is less likely for them to backpack around the world. Instead, they are more of a planner and a determined individual, whereas people who are careless and spontaneous would definitely scoreless in this personality type.

3. Extroversion

This is the most recognizable trait from these other traits. The masses are familiar with this personality type and what kind of individual falls in this category.  Extroverts are the people who like being socially recognized, they are highly sociable. They are very charming when it comes to interacting with new people and are good at drawing attention to themselves in a crowd.


They are the ultimate social butterfly, always making friends and going out partying, this is what their ideal life sounds like, whereas introverts are quite different from them. Introverts being rather reserved would probably scoreless in this personality type.

4. Agreeableness

People with Agreeableness personality type usually have a thing for social harmony and to always help people around them, these people are the kindest, considerate and generous of them all. They always see the half glass full no matter what the situation is; that doesn’t keep them away from being optimistic.


They are always compassionate towards people, always considering others interests above themselves, whereas people, who score low on this personality type, are most likely to be selfish and non-trustworthy, as they put their self- interest above anything or anyone.

5. Neuroticism


The last personality type is Neuroticism. People with this personality type are emotionally unstable, always angry and anxious. They are more likely to fall under the depression, as they got low tolerance for stress and anxiety. Neuroticism personality type usually worries a lot and if everything is going well with their life they will find a way to be all anxious again.

These are the personality types and traits you could classify people with.