7 Ways to Love Something that You Hate Doing

7 Ways to Love Something that You Hate Doing

7 Ways to Love Something that You Hate Doing

Are you stuck having to do a job or attend a function that you despise? It doesn't have to be the chore that you are dreading.

Here are 7 ways to love something that you hate doing so that you can put the dread behind you and the fun in front of you!

1. Try to do the Job as Efficiently as Possible

do job efficiently

Do you take pride in the things that you do? Of course, you do! Disdain for a task is no excuse for doing a poor job. Marshall your pride and view it as a challenge. Focus your energy on doing the best job of it that you possibly can. When it is behind you, you can take pride in knowing that you have aced it!

2. View the Task as Your Gateway to Free Time

complete task to free

Still having trouble building up enthusiasm? Maybe you are looking at it wrong. When there is something we don't want to do, we tend to view it as a chore. View it as a road you need to walk to get to your free time. Have a look at what comes after, so that you get a good taste of it. Once you view the problem task as a necessary evil then you can free yourself to get it out of the way. It's not a chore or a punishment. It's just another thing that needs to be done to get you your YOU time.

3. Promise Yourself a Reward for Completing the Task Efficiently

reward yourself

Still not convinced? Offer yourself a reward. Maybe a movie or a video game you've been wanting or a novel that you've been wanting to read. Sometimes, a little extra incentive is just what you need to get the job done. Don't use this too much however, or else you will always rely on it and that can get expensive. Save it for the tasks that you really hate.

4. Realize that Experience is a Reward

experience is reward

Sometimes we are too busy despising something that we don't want to do instead of thinking about what we can learn from it. Experience is always a good thing. If it is something that you hate doing, simply doing it repeatedly will mean you will gain efficiency so that it will be done faster. Other times you may develop skills that you are weak in through tasks you dislike. Don't hate something just because it is difficult.

5. Understand What it is You Hate about it

reason for hating job

Why do you hate this thing? Understanding this can make things easier. If it is because you aren't good at it then you can fix this with practice. If it requires socialization and you are scared of that then this fear will dwindle as well with experience. Understand your fears to defeat them.

6. Make it a Competition

competetion in job

Are you working with a team on a project that you despise? Take that time to SHINE. Single out the most productive member of the team and give them a good lesson in who is best. Healthy competition is a good way to get the kind of attention in the workplace that leads to promotion. Think about that instead of how much you despise the task and you will find that time flies pleasantly by.

7. Use Music to make the Time Fly

listen good music

This one is the easiest to do on the list and one of the most fun. Make yourself a playlist for your mp3 player. Good music can keep you productive and inspired so that you aren't even thinking about how much you hate the task you've been saddled with. It also opens the left side of your brain, associated with creativity, which can help you to solve problems associated with the task in more innovative ways.

We hope that you'll use these 7 ways to love something that you hate doing. Try one or all of these methods and we think you'll find that the dread you were feeling is only smoke and mirrors. Give them a try and get that task behind you in the way that suits your style the most. Now, don't you have something to do? Get to it!