5 Steps to Having a Happy Child

5 Steps to Having a Happy Child

5 Steps to Having a Happy Child

Gone are the days when parents used to think that making children just happy is enough for their healthy mental growth. Parents are in the race to provide their children with the best things available to help them make a mark in the world. The child would be around 7 years old when the parents start dreaming about making them doctors or scientists. But, in reality, are these children really happy? In the chase to reach the finishing point (to get an admission into a good college), these children are missing out the real happiness and that too, forever.

How many of you know that raising children is an art? Anybody can be a parent, but all can't be good parents. A good parent is one who understands what makes his child happy and glad. I could still remember my childhood days spent along with siblings and friends, playing with toys made out of discarded paper or trash. We played, fought, learned and grew up. Don't you think these new generation kids are missing out on a lot of things?

If you really want your kid to be a happy camper, spend some time thinking what makes the child happy and contended. Don't imagine yourself. Talk to him/her to get the wind of what exactly you were searching for. Otherwise, follow these steps to make your kid happy.

1. Follow a Perfect Food Timetable

food timetable

Don't let your child starve even for half an hour. If you give breakfast to him or her at 8 o clock in the morning, let it be the usual time they get their food every day. Nowadays, doctors advise parents to strictly follow the timetable to help these kids to have a healthy childhood. This will help the children to eat on time and to avoid stomach disorders.

2. They Sleep on Time

sleep on time

Some children sleep for more than 10 hours. Some may need only 5 hours sleep to be cheerful and fresh the next day. Let them know that a sound sleep is as important as a full stomach. Teach your children that for a healthy brain, they have to sleep for at least 6 hours.

3. Let Them Make Their Own Choices

let them to make own choices

Instead of you deciding which clothes she has to buy or wear, what time she has to study, let her make her own choices. This will help your kid to be as happy as you want them to be. Let them go out of control a little bit to enjoy their childhood.

4. Hug Them at least Once a Day

hug them once atleast

Riches, may be, can make you happy. Make your children rich with love. A simple touch, a small recognition, can bring about a lot of joy in your children's life. Interact with them regularly. Make them aware that you love them a lot. Don't you think this is more than enough to make them feel they are fortunate enough to have you as their parents?

5. Allow Them to Express Emotions

express emotions

Let them cry or smile when they feel they should do so. Let the emotions come out. This will help you to make them feel comfortable.

These are the 5 golden ways of having a happy child.