Think About Your Job

Think About Your Job

Think About Your Job

Are you are sitting at your desk and staring at the computer thinking, “What am I doing here?”

Another report, another meeting and another client, if this is what you do every day, may be should get up from your desk and walk into your boss's office.

What happens next?

Just before you enter your boss's office, you will run through all the reasons that kept you away from the “I Quit” conversation.

1. Work


There are people who work for more hours than many of us. Why do they do that? They must be happy with the kind of work they are doing. 

 If you’re not happy, why are you doing the same job? We should spend every day loving what we do and who we do it with. Remember when we were kids and if we didn’t like something, we just didn’t do it? Now that we’re adults, there are so many rules to follow and we have to grow up…but do we?

Why can’t we control where we spend the majority of our day? It may not include the beach with a pina colada but it sure does include loving what you do.

2. Education


Staying in the same job and not learning any new skills, doesn’t increase your growth potential neither. Education is an asset, not a prerequisite. Someone with a bachelor's degree, straight out of college can take your position in less than a year.

Knowing your worth and you can hire yourself. Remember, you were once the young buck, eager, ready and hungry.

3. Promotions


How long is it going to take to get the corner window office, away from the smelly bathroom? Another 10 years?

Do people even work their way up the ladder anymore?? Do they slowly earn their way up? I can rattle off a few names that didn’t and still came out on top; Mark Cuban, Jay-Z and Martha Stewart.

Your boss is only looking out for the company’s benefit --not yours. That may be the reason why you’ve felt your assets haven’t been acknowledged, it was never about you. It has always been about what’s best for the company.

You’ve always known this one truth though: Giving enough value to the right people while solving their mega problems gives you the executive chair, baby.  

4. Luck


The world is evolving at a rapid pace, 2 years from now it will look totally differently. With the light speed advancements of technology, companies are scrambling to find new ways to automate jobs and require employees to do multiple tasks under one title.

If the company spends less on salaries, then more money is spent on high priced gadgets to keep up. Do you know what all that means?

It’s a chance to add to the economy and be a part of something bigger than you. Instead of viewing the world as this one big scary place, we can contribute to the world’s advancement! The internet makes it possible to make friends across the globe, learn a new language and work from anywhere in the world.

Now, that’s what I call lucky!

5. Pension Plan


The traditional path of staying in a job until retirement is dead.

If you think you will or can stay in a job like your parents did. You’re wrong! Unless you're okay with mediocrity, but I’m not talking to those folks, growth is the key word here.

With constantly changing rules around our tax dollar and the country in billions of unpaid debt, that money has to come from somewhere?! I hope you’ve been saving for your own retirement.

We haven’t even touched on the cracked economy, downsizing and losing funding as a few more reasons why retirement from a job is a joke.

6. Financial Security


You don’t really need security. The job will not give you this, ever.

Nothing in life is secure, so why are you betting on a job? You could lose it tomorrow, no fault of your own.

How many individuals do you know have lost their job this way? There are plenty. A job gives us a false sense of security. You don’t control the budget, your boss does.

7. Choose Yourself


Opportunities are in abundance and at any giving moment you can choose yourself. Advance your skills. Take an online course. Start a business. Get a side hustle. Align yourself with individuals that actually enjoy what they do for a living.

You know, the ones who are happy and are getting this life thing right!

Give yourself options, as you begin to change your perspective, your world shifts. Then like magic, opportunities pop up for you. Be open to the possibilities!

When you’re writing another boring report, make it interesting. When you’re at another pointless meeting, make notes of how you could make it productive. When you’re saving another client, look at the opportunity you gave that person.

Until you find your exit strategy. Your strategy is to bring more to the table, so there is more for YOU to eat.

8. Find Better Things


Passion keeps you hungry and everyone is good at something.

Whether you are an extrovert or introvert, there’s a place for you in this world. You just haven’t found it yet. There is a certain kind of energy around the people who have found their purpose. They don’t waste much time in places that don’t serve them.

“So many of our dreams at first seem impossible, then they seem improbable, and then, when we summon the will, they soon become inevitable.” - Christopher Reeves (Superman)