Do You Have a Fear of Failure? Check Out With These 7 Handy Steps

Do You Have a Fear of Failure? Check Out With These 7 Handy Steps

Do You Have a Fear of Failure? Check Out With These 7 Handy Steps

Do you suffer from a common issue among the people- fear of failure? First step is to recognize if you do, because fear of failure stops people from performing their best. Often, mediocrity sets in due to fear of failure. Identifying fear of failure is important. Once identified, it must be treated as a disease that can do much harm to you and your mental health.

Use these 7 handy steps to tackle your fear of failure

1. Focus on Your Soul Goals

focus on goals

At any point, the best way to perform your best is to focus on your soul goals. There are some goals that each of us sets on the basis of our passion. Focusing on the goals will help in perfecting them as per the situations and the conditions.

2. The ‘What if?’ Conundrum

what if conendrum

Anytime you think or decide to quit, ask yourself what your life will appear to be if you take that decision. You may succeed at other aspects of life, but what if you fail to be happy because you were afraid to follow your passion for life? Imagine yourself asking ten years down the line ‘what if I had given it more thought and effort- at least one more time?’ Regrets will hurt you much, so don’t leave your life to 'what if'.

3. Work towards the Roots

work towards roots

Every problem comes from a root cause. Identify the root cause of you being so afraid to fail that you forget to give your best. Does it come from past failures or some other examples? When you identify the reason, work on that and you’ll be visibly stronger to take on your goals.

4. Never Say Never

never say never

Rahul Dravid had once done wicket-keeping in the junior cricket. He did so again for India in 2002-03 period to give balance to the team. An accomplished batsman, he learned the art of 'never saying never', and tried his best to give a better performance.

5. Learn from Failures

leran from failures

The best outcome from failures is the learnings and nothing else. Therefore, it is best to learn from them and not delve much into the failure part.

6. Read Autobiographies and Watch Biopics

read biographies

Reading and watching true stories will make you aware of the extent of failures the most successful people went through. None of them gave up, none of them said 'enough', none of them were afraid of trying their best. There’s no reason for you to be afraid too.

7. Set Small Goals

set small goals

Sometimes, fear of failure comes while realizing that you have set an impossible goal for yourself. Simply break the goal down into shorter milestones and you’re likely to achieve higher success ratio and lower fear of failure. The milestones help you push more because the target is much smaller and when you’re done with a few milestones, you already come closer to the target.