How to Live Wisely

How to Live Wisely

How to Live Wisely

We can make ourselves unhappy in very many ways and quite easily. But we become happy, cheerful and idyllic only for a while and in a few ways. Is it possible just to reverse this cycle to make our life more happy plausible? In that case, we would be in a position to live gracefully despite our monetary and social conditions means, whether we are rich or poor and whether socially we are recognized or not. What could be the reason for our gloomy? Why people get trapped in this mode? Life is always subject to change. It is not static. It needs movement all the time. It is always in a flux.

Ups and Downs

ups and downs

Ups and Downs of Life

There are many things, which happen in our life and so, life is like a stream, it flows, gets impediments, changes directions and again flows. In short, it never gets stagnant. In some cases, progress or the flow is slow and in some case, it is fast. But all these depend how you live a life.

The pattern of this world is a changing type and it is a rudimentary pinnacle. How you accept this fact, it entirely depends on your attitude and outlook. For some people because of their tenacity to cling to the old habits and procedures without showing any inclination to follow the changes invite sorrow and remain unhappy.



Ways to Love Growing Older

Your body is not perpetual, it is ephemeral. When you become old and still you cling to the idea of being young, you invite conflicts and so, you become sad.. Contrarily, if you take the thing in its own way, there will be no sorrows. Existence has no sorrow, it is just happening. For example, you believe that your idea to solve a problem is the ideal one and you are emotionally very much attached to that idea, then the same brings a new dimension of conflict in your life.

Whenever or for whatever reasons, you are in sorrow, the same is psychological or your rigidity not to respond to the changes. Your sorrow is not related to existential. If anybody follows the pattern of life in its own ways without imposing many aberrations, then there will be very less sorrow. So, it is ideal to change the way you look at life. The reason of your gloomy demeanor is that you feel the world is real and you expect the same as a permanent entity.

The people, who are more tuned to religiously, consider the life as a flowing river and a passing phase, of course with concrete output. Life without any meaningful results is like a dark tunnel without any light at the end. You have to see your life as a growing substance like a tree which grows, gives fruits, then its leaves become pale and yellow and again its leaves regrow and become green because of the blessings of sun, rain water, air and the natural substances, required for the growth of the tree. We must follow this pattern in our lives to alleviate pain to the extent possible.

Peace Of Mind

peace of mind

Peace of Mind

Our existence is not always pleasant because we act based on our ego. The tree has no ego; it survives peacefully in a natural way. The ego is all like an evil, it does not create any good or benefit though apparently you seem to enjoy its influence. When you are guided by ego, you lose your clarity, which leads you to misery.

This ego is such a disturbing factor that you take the right as wrong and vice-versa. Too much ego makes you to see everything illusory. Firstly, you consider the world as static and then you take “I” as static. But that concept is a fallacy. You have to consider “I” as a movement. No sooner, you acknowledge this fact, your life will progress; otherwise it will be as it, where it basis.

If you want to live a life wisely, you have to understand the real meaning of this concept. This is a subject of introspection. The spiritual and the religious gurus discuss on this issue perpetually to take out their disciples and the common public from the darkness of the knowledge. The influence of this knowledge is ingrained so much that most of the people consider their lives as a pastime.

Explore Life

explore life

Lessons I learnt from travelling

If you fundamentally explore the real interpretation of the fact how to live a life wisely; you have to think that earth and the space are complementary to each other. The earth is the situation of the life. The experience of life which we gather or acquire is like the earth. The important fact is how we handle the various situations emerged in our life. We are all separate entities. Each individual has their own idea, explanation, observation and feeling.

So, the situation in a life is felt by different people in different ways. We meet it with our opinions, references, questions, answers, conclusions, dogmas, anxieties, jealousy and ill feelings. If anybody ascertains the fact of existence deeply, then it is found that we are a bundle of fears, hurts, aspirations and outbursts. In short, the presence of yourself is closed on account of taking the life as one interprets in his consciousness.

If you close your conscience and delve into the darkness of worldly allurement only and meet the situation of life, your output will be one, which will definitely lead to the door of arguments, unhappiness, quarrel and ultimately loss of mental peace. This peace is a very deterring factor in your leading a real prosperous and cheerful life.

Lead your Life

lead your life

Lead a more Empowering Life

To lead an effective life, you have to establish a direct link with yourself. For example, if you cannot relate yourself to your work closely, output cannot be maximized. Say, you work either in an office or in your kitchen or in your garden and if you are not able to maintain a healthy attitude, then you are simply creating a life full of chaos and you deprive yourself from getting the quality output.

If you consciously meet any situation, which is not to your liking, you have to handle the same tactfully without any resentment. Many times, it happens that the situations are not in line with our views and then we get hurt, because we are relating directly with life at that moment. Life is a combination of earth and its space.

The space has unlimited openings Like this space, you are also open; if not then, there is a mismatch. In this delusory stage, life gets disavowed and you lose moments, which creates your sorrow. If you meet situations of life with openness, you are not restricted to any limits. When you overcome limits, then you are not a victim of the situations of life. When you are not a prisoner of any situation, then you are a free bird. Most of us are experiencing, but our experience is limited.



Create Success After A Traumatic Experience

The reason is that both the parties, who is experienced and who is experiencing have their limitations of experience. But if one person comes out of this limitation and energizes the other with his vast experience and show openness, then the limiting factor may not perturb you that much.

But in reality, it does not happen. It is true that openness has the quality of no limitation, but this openness itself is not widely found. These are the basic constraints, which, if we can manage to eliminate, the life can be enjoyed and living will be almost like a grandeur.

So, how to lead your life and live wisely is entirely in your hand and no one is responsible for your life and its outcome.