10 Clever Ways to Deal with the Ups and Downs of Life

10 Clever Ways to Deal with the Ups and Downs of Life

10 Clever Ways to Deal with the Ups and Downs of Life

Life can become monotonous if one gets used to a same day to day process of life. We all have our ups and downs that make our journey an experience. We can become blessed human beings if we know how to throw back at these emotional flunks by being generous to ourselves.

1. Meditate


Calm down your mind for 5-10 minutes in a day to self explore yourself.  Inhale an exhale slowly. Think about all the good things you have got at the present moment. Listen to the silence deep inside you. Let that positive vibe rejuvenate your body. Make your mind an eternal source of positive energy for the workings of your entire day.

2. Exercise

take hold of your emotions

An hour of aerobic exercise helps our body to release endorphins that help our brain to stay in a more relaxed and healthy state.  Put on loud music and dance on your favourite number. If that sounds too much of work, simply go out for a walk with your partner or take a yoga session with your friends or neighbours in evening.

3. Interact


Replace digital communication with face-to-face communication. Talk with real people wherever you go. Sharing and communicating your feelings with others makes you understand people and gradually lead to better self interpretation. Join groups and communities of your interest to meet like-minded people. 

4. Have a Proper Diet

take proper diet

Eat a well balanced diet to make sure you are getting nutrients and vitamins. Improper diet can make your immune system weak and therefore make you easily prone to various illnesses.  As it is a known saying, ‘We are what we eat’ stands more relevant today as people often overlook the importance of healthy food in their tight schedules.

5. Laugh


Listening to your sound of laughing can make you less stressful. It changes not only your mood but also the people who surround you. Laughter is communicable. It makes you look more beautiful and attractive. You tend to be more confident after you laugh.

6. Forgive and Forget

forgive and foget 2

Never cling to anything that doesn’t bring any growth in you. You should get rid of the past which has no worth in your present life. Forgive people who have done anything wrong with you. Cleanse your mind and heart of all negative attributes and place yourself on the top among your favourites. 

7. Be Comfortable with Discomfort

be comfortable with discomfort

It’s alright to mess up with things and unavoidable situation. We cannot take everything in our control and neither it should be like that. Make the best out of every uncomfortable moment. It makes you more courageous and tough to handle difficult times without getting disturbed or uneasy.

8. Believe in Yourself

believe in yourself

Have faith in your strengths and weakness as they shall always go hand in hand. You have got every potential to achieve what you wish to. Be aware of all the passing thoughts in your mind. Even a single negative thought can kill hundreds of positive thoughts. Trust your instincts and follow what is right for you even if things don’t seem right.

9. Take hold of your Emotions

image 97

Develop a habit to self evaluate your emotions time to time. It is important to make sure that your mind doesn’t wastes time on something that is of no value to your mind, body or soul. Keep a check on what you are thinking.  Make sure your thoughts are positive and do not make you more stressed.

10. Listen to Music

listen to music

Music can cure all your troubles. Listen to soft music in silence to explore your mind and actions in day to day life. It changes your mood and makes you calm and happy. Start your day by listening to soothing music to make it more refreshing.

It completely depends on us how we want to make ourselves feel. Following all these ways can help you not rely on any external factors to change your way of thinking.  Always love yourself the way you are as you are the best what you can be today.