How Not to Give-up when you Feel Like a Failure

How Not to Give-up when you Feel Like a Failure

How Not to Give-up when you Feel Like a Failure

If anybody is to begin defining life then the first thing to be acknowledged is that it is a struggle. Nobody’s life remains constantly in the domain of happiness or of despair for that matter. Whatever we may do, change is inevitable. But, at some points in time, fighting against the struggles of life, we feel a sense of failure enveloping us. It increasingly becomes difficult to grapple with the unfavorable circumstances of life. At these moments, we might feel that life is unfair to us.

But honestly, who says life is fair. Hence, following are some of the means to confront the unfavorable situations in life, without ever giving up.

1. Perseverance


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To be victorious in front of every difficulty demands a firm step and a strong state of mind. During troubled times, hope must never be abandoned even if we are on the verge of failing. Constant will to struggle is the key to accomplish success in difficult times. An attitude of fighting along with the sense of optimism makes a fighter out of a person, who never hides from the inescapable miseries of life. Strength, in this context specifically means mental strength, when we do not let worried thoughts invade our minds, but possess focused energies and patience.  

2. Helpful Ideas

helpful ideas

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When we are unaware of the capabilities inherent within us, we do need someone else to aid us at times. Seeking the inspiration from external sources is a perfectly sound approach. Therapeutic music, inspirational videos, motivational films or reading the biographies of great men definitely helps us in terrible times. It boosts us with new vigor and fills us with confidence which negates the thoughts of failure from our mind. The guidance of our mentors or parents may also pave our way towards success. 

3. New Approach

new approach

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It is possible at times that the approach we are adopting to resolve a situation is not correct. Therefore, in order to renew our approach we must first indulge ourselves into a lot of thinking, to be clear about the pros and cons of our decision and our steps towards it. The introspection of our motives and our approach might lead us to the correct way we need to adopt in certain situations. Every circumstance demands a different way to deal with it. So, think and act accordingly. 

4. Unexhausted Trials

unexhausted trials

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We all have heard that practice makes a man perfect. But, to actually practice it in life is not everyone’s cup of tea. We often leave the work undone or fail in it just because we give up, without exhausting the limit of our trials. We can ever be the undefeated hero, if we prepare ourselves to practice till the end. A balanced state of mind and inexhaustible efforts is the perfect combination for success in life. Some people get scared by the amount of hard work they will have to invest in a job and hence, give up. Fear is thus, the colossal enemy to be fought against. 
It is not necessary that we win at all times. There will be times when you lose. But, if you learn something out of that failure it is a success in itself. When we remain within our comfort zone, it limits us. To bloom out with an honest effort is what is ought to be done for being successful forever.