Fear Of Failure

Fear Of Failure

Fear Of Failure

The fear of failure is universal. When people attempt something that they have never done before, they experience a sense of anxiety on the road to results. Many successful people have once been extremely scared of the outcomes. Nevertheless, they kept going with strong conviction and perseverance. This is definitely not as easy as it sounds. Most successful people have expressed that they did fear the possibility of failure at some point or the other. If you are on the road to reaching your goals, you will be plagued with questions.

1. Define Your Strategy


Have a clear strategy when you are in the process of accomplishing your business goals. It is important to aim high, but you also need to stay grounded. Always think about the bigger picture. Do not weigh your business outcome with money. Instead, add new learnings to it. The more you learn, the better you scale.

2. Prepare For The Worst


This is very important. The way you mentally prepare yourself goes a long way in determining your longevity in what you aspire. Preparing for the worse possible situations is as crucial as looking at the brighter side. Evaluate your pros and cons thoroughly while venturing out to do something new.

3. Evaluate Failure


When you are harassed with the possibility of failing, it gets useful to evaluate the meaning of it in detail. Dissect the prospect of a failure. What this failure could mean to you. Understand how you take this failure – as a setback, as a learning or as an opportunity. Once you arrive at a mental conclusion about the unknown failure, you familiarise yourself with the word in a better way. The more you take failure as an opportunity, the greater are the possibilities that you see from a problem.

4. Balance Your Equation With Life


Once you are bound by goals, there is a strong likelihood that you will drift away from your personal life. A balancing act is very necessary while dealing with other goals. Maintaining a great balance enables better thoughts channelling into your mind. There should always be an outlet from breaking down due to the stress of the unknown.

5. Think Positively


Perhaps an age old mantra, positive thinking always wins your mind to look at the good side of things. You will be able to see even a failure in a new light when you are optimistic. Many successful individuals would tell you how being a pessimist destroyed their chances of both success and happiness.

6. Program Your Mind Towards Success


Attuning your mind set makes a significant amount of difference with the way you arrive at success. Fear of failure mostly springs from the fact that the brain has more tendency to fall prey to the cons. Evaluating pros and believing them enhances your assertiveness. Saying successful phrases like ‘I can do it”, “I’m not afraid of failure’' etc. have proven to impact many mind sets towards better results.

7. Conserve Your Energy


Worrying about failure is life sapping – it takes away productive part of your energy levels. Instead, think about what you can with the same energy for better outcomes. Enabling negative thoughts extracts a lot of mental energy to unwanted use. Get rid of the energy wastage.

8. Keep Going


A lot depends on how you react to a situation. The fear of losing always leads you to eventually lose. You will have bad days, or even worse. Be prepared for that. Keep going irrespective of what comes your way. Good or bad, consistent work and vision always yields benefits.

9. Seek Help


One of the biggest mistakes done by most entrepreneurs while starting out is that they feel themselves to be the Dark Knights of the empire. It is very crucial to reach out to your peers and superiors who have been in the league for a while. Discussing business ideas and scenarios with them helps you better your thought process. You will come to know that bad days are for all. But they will go away with learnings and remodelling.

10. Stay Grounded


The sooner you experience failure, the better. This sounds scary and crazy, but works. Once you know that something does not work for you in the early stages, there is a lot of room to reinvent and reform. You will also learn to be grounded with your mistakes. Staying humble works in all scenarios, best and worse. You will understand that nothing is permanent. Just as success has no particular expiry, neither does failure. Business and life are all about winds of change.

The fear of not making it with your objective will set in as you keep pursuing everyday business. You might be wondering as to how to go about such a phase. Instead of walking away from the obstacle, it is important to address your fears. Facing your fears sounds life threatening at times, but once you start decoding your inner worries, solution is bound to arrive.It takes discipline, courage and confidence to face the fear of failure.