5 Things to Remember If You Feel Helpless and Confused

5 Things to Remember If You Feel Helpless and Confused

5 Things to Remember If You Feel Helpless and Confused

Oftentimes, people are thrust into situations where they feel helpless and confused. Depending on the scope of these situations, they can be very overwhelming which can lead to people making irrational decisions or decisions that can be the cause of regret later on. If you’re experiencing the same feeling, here are five things you should always remember:

1. Stay calm

Probably the most important thing to remember when experiencing mental confusion and anxiety, always stay calm whenever placed in a difficult situation. If you’re not calm, you won’t be able to think clearly and you’ll be making rash decisions. Nothing good has ever come out of making impulse decisions, whether it be on a personal or professional level. 

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One very helpful method to help you prevent staying sad and confused is to meditate. You don’t have to be in your home to do some quick meditation as you can do it anywhere as long as the location is free from loud noises. Alternately, if you’re in the middle of a conflict with another person it’s best to walk away from the conflict entirely. You won’t only save yourself from inflicting physical harm but also prevent the conflict from escalating even further. By staying calm and staying away from any type of conflict, you’ll walk out as the better and more mature person and not a person with depression or anger issues. 

2. Talk to people you trust

Always go with people you trust. They are your confidants and you can always rely on them when things get rough. Even if the world is against you, these people will always have your back and will defend you no matter what. Always talk to them whenever you feel down or hopeless, they will make way from their busy schedules to hear whatever you have to say. They can also give out sound advice which can help you make better decisions. 

Family and friends are likely the most common people in your inner circle but you can always expand and add more people if you feel that you can fully trust them. The number of people you’ll fully trust falls solely on you. But be careful when it comes to placing your full trust in a lot of people as there may be instances where stories can leak out resulting in unnecessary and completely false rumors.      

3. Always think of solutions

If you usually delve too much into problems without ever thinking of solutions, you’ll be stuck with a negative mindset for a very long time. Additionally, you’ll never be able to solve your problem which makes it even worse. After you’ve managed to stay calm, think of how you’ll be able to solve your problems immediately. By acting fast, you won’t be able to fall into deep despair and you’ll manage to stay optimistic. 

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Of course, there are problems that you won’t be able to solve immediately. Stay positive and always have a mindset that you’ll be able to get over what you’re feeling right now. Just stay active and constantly find solutions. The more you find solutions, the faster you’ll be able to get over that rough patch. You should also remember that you’re not alone when it comes to finding solutions as your circle can always help you out as long as you reach out to them.    

4. Be distracted

If thinking of solutions is starting to stress you out, you should take a break and be distracted with things that you usually make you happy. Whether it be going out with friends, binge-watching the most popular movies and television shows, or taking your pet to a walk around the neighborhood, use this opportunity to do something else so that you’ll be able to take off your mind from highly stressful activities. Focusing too much on your problems will only lead to low energy fatigue, and you don’t want to be feeling constantly sleepy and tired.   

Being distracted can also pertain to being busy. Aside from leisure activities, you can also finish work-related tasks, even tasks that are still due for the next few weeks. You’ll be amazed how much work you’ll be able to finish by being distracted. Just place your time and energy in these activities and you’ll feel relaxed in no time.  

5. Take a vacation

It’s a fact that people take a vacation when they’re experiencing bouts of sudden confusion and disorientation. Whether you’re doing this already or haven’t had a vacation yet in your life, it’s time to go out and have some fun. Remember that vacations don’t have to mean going to another country and spending thousands of your hard-earned money. Going to a nearby town or city can already be classified as a vacation. Additionally, spending a day or two outside your home can also be considered a vacation. That feeling you get when taking a vacation will get rid of all sorts of negativity, including mental health anxiety. 

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The purpose of going on a vacation is to help relax your mind and body. Even if you’re going to face your problems once you get back, at least you were able to relax for a little bit and get off your mind from things that are making you restless. If your schedule is packed, take a vacation on your next day off or the time when you’ll be from any work and personal responsibilities. You don’t want your vacation to be filled with distractions from colleagues or other people. If you’re not expecting a call from anyone, you can even turn off all your electronic devices for the entire duration of your trip.        

Final thoughts

If you’re feeling helpless and confused, the five items listed above should help you cope and prevent developing any form of mental health illnesses. Remember that what you’re feeling today is only temporary and it won’t be long before you stop feeling lonely and experience optimism, cheerfulness, and confidence once again.