Why Encouragement is so Important

Why Encouragement is so Important

Why Encouragement is so Important

Have you ever been in a situation where you really needed someone to just say the words
‘’it will be okay”? Until you reach that point, you might underestimate the power of encouragements. Words of Encouragement is an uplifting message, meant to raise someone’s spirit. Encouragements are mostly directed to people on the verge of giving up, or people who are dealing with difficult situations.

Importance of Encouragements

Encouragements Prevent us from Giving Up

encouragements prevent us from giving up

Giving up is the worst injustice you can do to yourself. Words of encouragement make people feel better, and relate to their capabilities. You will get your next ounce of energy from positive words pushing you to move forward.

Encouragements Influence Great Decisions

encouragements influence great decisions

some people make decisions based on emotions. This can be very dangerous, especially the hasty decisions made when we are angry. A discouraged soul will throw in the towel and make some bad choices. An encouraged soul on the other hand will make rational decisions.

Encouragements Turn us into Encouragers

encouragements turn us into encouragers

We always want to share the good things happening to us. When a positive change happens in your life from an encouraging session you had, you will definitely want to practice the same to another person in need of uplifting.

Words are Powerful

words are powerful

Words can shape our future. If you grow up listening to encouragements and positive criticism, chances are you will have a great attitude of yourself. Encouragements simply turn us into great people. Words can make or destroy an individual.

With all these clear importances of encouraging each other, why then do people not encourage each other often?



If you don’t know the importance of encouragement, it might never occur to you to uplift anyone. With our daily busy lives, you will be forgiven to assume words will not make a person feel better. Now you know. Take any opportunity you get to impart some positive words to people.

Lack of Experience

lack of experience

The way people are nurtured when they are young follows them to adulthood. If there were no one to encourage you when you were younger, it would be hard for you to take up the encouragement mantle naturally. However, this attitude can easily be adjusted.

Poor Self-Esteem

poor self esteem

The way you perceive yourself plays a role on how you will perceive other people around you. People with self-esteem issues, need help. When you think little of yourself, it becomes hard to change other people’s self-perceptions