The Power of First Impressions

The Power of First Impressions

The Power of First Impressions

First impressions have lots of power. An impression is a mark or a figure produced by pressure. The impression is a strong effect which is produced on one’s intellect and feelings. Therefore, a first is the mark that you make in the first moments when you interact with someone. When we meet a person for the first time, we form an impression about the person and his first appraisal influences the future reasoning about the person.

Psychological research has found that we don’t easily change our mind and tend to pay attention to the information that we belief.First impressions are the key for a person hoe he perceived the world, and are perceived by it. They are our four introductions to everything such as the workplace, products, experiences, retail stores, the internet, entertainment, relationship etc.

Our Judgment to any things is based on our first impressions. The two most fascinating aspects of first impressions are both the ones which are creates by us and those which we encounter.

Clarity and mystery are at the opposite’s end of the spectrum. You need to be clear when you want people to understand immediately. You need to be clear what you want and what you expect from others. If you don’t have the clarity in our mind we cannot make a good impression to a person when we meet for the first time. We should know that first impression can make or break our career.

It Helps to Build a Relationship

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When you meet a person for the first time, you get only one shot at a first impression and that shout for more than you can think about it. When for the first time we do handshake, making strong eye contact and dressing properly when we want to meet a person for the first time, those small things together make a first impression about you to the person and it makes lot on impact in his mind.

Because people don’t change their mind easily once they perceived something. Your relation to a person is totally based on your first impression.

First Impression has the Power to Bring you the Opportunity

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We should remember the saying that the first important is the last impression. It is very true. As we make a strong impact on how we are in the first impression; it can make a positive and negative impact in our career. When we go for an interview for a business deal, it depends on how you make a first impression to other. They will perceive about you within a few second and you will not next time to make it better.

You might have brilliant and strong features but still you might not create a good impression of yourself if you cannot make a good first impression. It is very difficult to make a good impression second time if you made a bad impression for the first time .We should remember that there is nothing as important as a first impression.

We make the first impressions to a person within just a few moments when we meet him for the first time. Within that time you form an opinion about you based on how you look and the way you carry yourself. We can make a good impact or bad impact that totally depends on our first impressions.


In everyday of our life we need to meet people for the first time to build our career and it is very much necessary to make a strong impression of ourselves when we meet a people for the first time.