Comparing Your Life With Others

Comparing Your Life With Others

Comparing Your Life With Others

Comparison is a very basic instinct of us, the humans. As life progresses, there develops a basic tendency to compare or scale one’s achievements with others. Comparison helps in developing healthy competition between individuals. It is often needed to lead a successful life and give yourself a place in the society. So, Comparison makes the one to get good, better and best. Anyhow, there are few evils and goods for “Comparison”.

1. Develops Competition


 Comparison definitely, develops a healthy competition among people. Any achievement is measured by the scale of comparison with the best available. Any field or any part in the world does not exist without this phenomena. In fact our daily lives are bound with day to day competition to improve our quality of life. An engineer would always think to better his plans to build stronger constructions when compared to his/her peers or competitors. A doctor, A lawyer, A scientist, A writer any professional or any single person in the world think to better him/herself to stand as the best in the world. This comes naturally from the basic instinct of human beings which came along as part of evolution. After all we are civilized animals in this modernized world.

2. Increases Learning Ability


Comparison always has the positive effect towards one’s learning abilities. With comparison, it gives a chance to know what is setting one apart from the best. This wakes up the tendency to learn from mistakes and develop a personality both individually and professionally. Sometimes, even the most perfect persons may fail in their attempts and find others to be better performers. May be due to difference of approach or knowledge levels. It then becomes useful to understand one’s flaws and try do things that make the difference.

3. Develops Inferiority


However, if perceived negative, comparison may lead to serious problem of inferiority complex. Comparison between individuals leads to the development of feeling inferior about one’s abilities. Inferiority is dangerous for the morals of any individual, as it may demotivate and derail a person from his/her goals. Once it is developed, the individual may not look about his/her situations, instead concentrate too much upon abilities of the other person. This in turn may lead to admiring other’s personality and approaches. This finally affects his/her confidence.

4. Cultivates Negative Thoughts


Apart from the above, comparison mainly triggers negative thoughts. It changes one into a freak mentality who always try to compare everything they do with someone or something better. This only helps them to become more envious about better people around them. Envy is the precursor of all the negative thoughts. Thus, comparison with individuals of greater abilities and skills, without considering one’s situation and capabilities will be even more dangerous to one’s morality.

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So, finally comparison is essential and as well as evil. As far as comparison is done properly only to differentiate one’s achievements, skills and abilities it is not evil. Good or bad, comparison will surely impact one’s personality. Consequences of comparison depend upon the perception levels of the people.