Things to Learn from Successful Brand Campaigns

Things to Learn from Successful Brand Campaigns

Things to Learn from Successful Brand Campaigns

Campaigns have the power to boost the sales of the products these days. With the advent of social media, a massive shift can be seen in the content marketing. A drastic change has occurred in the past five years.

The biggest companies have succeeded in the world because of the marketing campaigns who understand the fundamental truths about social media users.

Involve your Audience and be Memorable

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From time and time again, marketing formulas have proven to be the essential core of companies. Successful brand companies create campaigns that have never been done before; that keep them atop of all. They make ads that are easy to follow, and one can remember it for months. Their campaigns appeal to the targeted buyers, presenting the product very closely with the real life circumstances.

Old Spice created personalized brand videos which turned into a shareable social media campaign. Everyone loved the ad as the buyers too had a chance to be a part of it by offering them a chance to interact with the Old Spice Man directly.

Distinguish your Brand and know your Audience

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Some of the renowned companies didn’t go for high production value, but they knew their audience well and so didn’t need to make special effects impressive. They gave preference to minute details like price or delivery method that distinguished their products from the similar product of other companies. Most of the companies commercials look the same but offering a commercial that no one has seen before will attract your attention. 

Be Humorous and take Risks

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Humor is most effective as it catches people off guard and attracts attention. Humor used in campaigning makes the commercial more popular and can be the talk of the town. Sometimes it can be risky also as retail brands would not like to associate themselves with jokes. But there were some brands who took a chance which paid off, for example, K-Mart.

Don’t be afraid to Sideline your Product

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If you are successful in causing an emotional reaction in people, it means they will like to share your content. It has been proven that emotions like happiness, sadness or anger activate the nervous system which automatically boosts social transmission. Brands should strive to activate human emotions to be more communicable.

If you have any doubt, don’t hesitate to sideline your product for rich content as sometimes there is a possibility of getting shared which also has an impact on sales and brand awareness. Dove’s Real Beauty Sketches is one of the finest examples.

Try to Start a Movement or a Cause

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If your company or brand can start a movement by putting your company working on a cause or a message, it can do wonders. Supporting a meaningful cause and sharing it with the audience brings you more close to the consumer. It will have a positive impact on the consumers and can make your brand substantial in the market.

You too can make your brand successful by keeping these few points in mind while endorsing your products as it is in the hands of media these days to make or mar the popularity of brands.