Secrets to Getting Rid of Bullying

Secrets to Getting Rid of Bullying

Secrets to Getting Rid of Bullying

Parents are continuously facing challenges that prove to test their patience time and again. Regular problems like work pressure, parent-child conflicts and situations like bullying take up all the time and energy.

Let us see how one can manage a bully.

Being Frank


It is always healthy to be open and frank about a problem. Workplaces, schools, as well as universities, are areas where bullying should never be allowed to grow.

Social Media and Bullying

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These days social media plays a key role in publicizing issues. So violence should not be glorified on social media. It is always safe not to share media showing bullying.

Stop Inadvertent Shares


At times, an everyday habit becomes a way of life. Inadvertent sharing can be best avoided, and they could be reported thus ensuring that such kind of bullying is stopped instantly.

Writing Letters To Leaders

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It is always better to report any matter of bullying to the immediate leader like a Principal in a school, a Superintendent in a setup, a boss in a television station, etc.

Freedom of Speech Should Be Curbed

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This American right could be helpful as it does not legally permit you to impose your opinion and helps you to remain mute and reserved, thus ending bullying in a big way.

Empathy Is The Key


Understanding the situation and being empathetic could always help one to stop wrecking havoc on someone. Being empathic only makes things easier, and often bullying could thus be handled effectively.

Recalling A Past Bad Luck


It is always intelligent to retrace how you felt when you were in a situation before teasing or bullying the other about the same. This makes one realize that it is not right to find fault or criticize without a cause.

Being Humble Always Helps

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It is important to understand that one should be humble about achievements and not have a herd mentality. Normally bullying starts because someone else did it.

Forwarding Through the Phone


When someone is bullying it is a great idea to forward a bullying video to the police. This is the best way one could handle serious crimes.

Do Not Use Excuses For Children

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Parents are fined in many places for bullying. So instead of saying kids will be kids it is always a better idea to take responsibility.

Being a Tough Parent is Not Wrong


Tough love always stops bullying children from being habituated to it. Giving a punishment always helps a child to realize that what they have done is wrong.

Standing Up For A Cause


One has the right to object to any type of physical or emotional torture. Assuming an authority over them sure helps to stop bullying.

Getting Authorities Involved Helps


Authorities always play a major role in stopping bullying. One should be able to distinguish from usual child play and wrong play and involve the authorities in this.

Using The Right Platform


One has to use the right platform so as to reach a diaspora of people on social media. This aids in spreading a message on anti-bullying.

Celebrities Do Help

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Encouraging celebrities to spread the message always is a good way of endorsing anti-bullying efforts.

Being Aware of Harassment Laws at Workplace

harassment at work is against federal and state laws

When coworkers bully you, be aware of what the rules say and adhere to getting them activated. Be in sync with the harassment laws and make use of them always.

Do Not Be Scared

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It is not a good idea to show to the world that you are scared of a situation. So be brave and be aware of how best bullying could be identified and stopped.