Signs You Are Winning In Life

Signs You Are Winning In Life

Signs You Are Winning In Life

Most of us face moments where we wonder whether we are doing anything worthy with our lives or are actually ‘winning’ in life. We have our ups and downs and while the former make us feel positively about ourselves and life, in general, the downs make us doubt and question ourselves.

This is natural but then, there are those of us who give into the lows of life and we start to underestimate ourselves. If you really think about it, the whole matter is really about perspective.

An opportunity can be seen as something that could help you progress or something that is a time-consuming curse, too. Here are sign you are winning in life:

1. You have Accepted Yourself for who You are

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Motivate Yourself

The first and most important win you can achieve in your life is to accept yourself for who you are. Once you manage to do so, everything else becomes easier. You do things that make you happy and stay away from people, events and maybe even opportunities that do not fit with your self-image. Essentially, gaining confidence in who you are is the greatest win you can achievein your life.

2. You know what you want in Life

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Maintain Momentum in Life

Not many people know what they want out of their lives. They do not have an aim or end goal that they would like to achieve because they haven’t yet found their ‘true calling’. If you have managed to do so, you have set a path and direction for yourself- one that you can work towards and achieve. Every singly act you do will contribute towards progress and accomplishment of that goal. The mere fact that you have a goal, whether you can accept it or not, means that you have a large chunk of your life sorted out. Your plans, any mishaps that might take place and even the ups and lows of your life will inspire you to achieve that end goal- whatever it may be.

3. People look up to you

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Inspiring people is one thing but gaining their trust takes things to a whole new level. Knowing that someone actually holds you in high esteem, respects you and wants your advice goes to show that you are an integral part of their thought process and lives. Touching someone’s heart to that extent goes to show the influence you have on others.

4. You are doing what you Love and You Love what you do

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Do for Success in What You Love

While it’s great to have a degree and a career, taking up a job that you are not passionate about means that you’re in it only for the money and ‘perks’. Knowing what you want means and actually going for it means you are a motivated, driven individual who does things that he or she loves.

5. You know what is Good for you and Stay away from things that are not

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Success of Goodness

It is important to get involved in activities and to seize those opportunities that will actually benefit you in the long run. It is equally necessary to stay away from people and things that will not. Simply knowing what is good or bad for you means you are aware of yourself, of others and can pick and choose, wisely.

You’ll realize in the larger scheme of things, materialistic values turn you into a negative person and one who you did not expect yourself to be. On the hand, being more aware of yourself and of your surroundings will contribute to your life positively. Money and people come and go but knowing who you are as an individual is what helps in life.