How to be Confident on Stage

How to be Confident on Stage

How to be Confident on Stage

Do your knees tremble or your voice shakes or you feel like completely lost because of nervousness and anxiety while performing in front of audiences? And if yes, then you are not alone on this planet, almost all of us pass through this stage where we are paralyzed by nervousness and gripped by fear during the stage performance.

But relax friends you can perform better on the stage by just trying a few of the tricks which will help boost your confidence before the audience. So, the question is how to overcome stage fright. Come explore with us

Practice a Lot

practice a lot

Sometimes the stage fright comes because we have not practiced enough and when we step on stage we feel more anxious and nervous hampering our ability to perform our best. But being well-practiced help reduce the anxiety feeling thus reducing the possibility to make mistakes and be more confident during the performance.

Know Your Stuff

know your stuff

Nothing can beat the stage fear if you are not aware of the content to be delivered. Understanding the topic well will help you speak naturally and helps to build confidence. And if you know what you are talking there is no reason to feel nervous.

Stay Calm and Don’t Rush

stay calm and dont rush

Don’t try to rush during the performance time as it will instigate more nervousness and can turn things worse. Start slowly as in this way you give yourself the time to be at a comfortable pace and help you feel more comfortable.

Be on Time

be on time

Arriving the premises late will only heighten anxiety and nervousness feeling. So make sure to arrive early as it will help you to acclimatize to the surroundings and you can even check out the stage for better performance.

Engage the Audience

engage the audience

Prepare your content in the way so that the audience can be engaged. Try to add some jokes that fit your presentation to lighten the mood in the room and it will help you relax as well. We all know laughing is the best therapy to combat stress and if you get the audience to join in that laughter then it creates a level of trust.

Don’t Worry About Mistakes


Don’t panic if you had made some mistakes during the performance like you missed out a point that is important to be made or you have mixed the order of topics. Always remember you are only one who knows about this. The audience sitting in auditorium doesn’t know .But if you share your mistakes people might start looking for other loopholes defeating the purpose of your presentation.

Get Some Exercise


 Exercise helps to feel better not only physically but mentally as well. Getting on move develop a positive attitude and increases emotional stamina. This will help your body to gear up for the amazing performance.

Deep Breathing

deep breathing

 Because of anxiety, our breathing pattern changes to fast shorter breaths and if it is not addressed on time it will throw you off balance. So minutes before, you get on to the stage, try to take slow deep breaths to relax your breathing by the time you get to the stage.

Hope by now you know how to reduce stress before going on stage. Using these techniques will certainly help you overcome the fear of public speaking and getting the desired performance.