7 Questions to ask Artists in an Interview

7 Questions to ask Artists in an Interview

7 Questions to ask Artists in an Interview

It has been found that even the most planned interviews sometimes have a peculiar way of going awry. Hence it is very much necessary to have a framework based on your question. But even though we prepared a framework to ask questions to a Artists in a interview, but we should understand that the natural course of conversation.

To get a better understanding of the artist in an interview, it is necessary to understand the artist’s work thoroughly. Even we need to remember the type of audience when we would like to ask questions to a artist in an interview. We need to be respectful too when we take the interview to an artist. We also take their point of view too while asking them questions .

Even understanding the type of audience, we can reframe the questions. While asking the questions to an artist, we need to follow the thread so that we can get the most meaningful content from the artist.

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We need to understand that the environment should be noise free while taking an interview with an artist. Some of the questions which can be asked in an interview are given below:

1.Why do you do What you do?

This is a very important question to be be asked to an artist while taking an interview. It gives the understand why the artist is passionate about his work and why he enjoys doing his work.

2. How do you Work?

To continue the flow of conversation and to understand the work of the artist this is the best question to ask him in an interview. Every artist has their own unique style of working to brings out their creativity in their work. Every artist follows their own set of guidelines and procedure to do their work. Hence by asking this question to the artist we can understand how they work to brings out the creativity.

3. What’s your Background?

To know the personal details of the artist this is the best question to ask him in interviews. It gives you the ideas how the artist is associated with his art work. Whether he had met any challenges to pursue his career as an artist and what opportunity and obstacles had come in his way while he was passionate about his work. Whether he  got full support from his family, friends and relative to pursue his career as an artist or not.

4. What’s Integral to the work of an Artist?

As we know that every artist has their own style of working .We need to understand the integral part of his work to know him better. This is also a one of the good questions to ask to an artist in an interview.

5. What Role does the Artist have in Society?

We live in a society and we do have some social responsibility. An artist is the role model for a society. Hence his work can made a lot of impact to the society. There are many problems in the society and we need to solve the problem. An artist can help the society in finding the solution of the problem through his artwork.

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He can make people aware about the issues which are affecting the society and what we need to do. His art work can help the society a lot in removing the problem. What role the artist wants to play in the society that we can only understand by asking this question to the artist.

6.What has been a Seminal Experience?

By asking the question you can gain the understanding of the experiences a artist is having.

7. What’s your Favorite Artwork?

This question needs to be asked to know the favorite artwork of him and why it is favorite to him.