20 Crucial Tips to Become a Better Speaker

20 Crucial Tips to Become a Better Speaker

20 Crucial Tips to Become a Better Speaker

Do you want to give a business meeting and worried about how to handle as you have never given before? Or whatever might be the case or cause for getting into the role of speaker, here are some tricks which helps you to give a speech with potential and confidence to serve the purpose.

1. Choose Your Own Niche


People will be comfortable speaking to the audience especially when they speak about their subject or the topics where they have better knowledge. Anxiety will reduce here as one can answer to any question.

2. Practice Makes a Man Perfect


Enhance your public speaking skills by practicing a lot. You can do this before your friends, mirror, and camera to know where you can improve. Try to practice in the same room where you have to deliver the speech.

3. Have Smile on Face

speaking 3

Always keep in mind to have smile on your lips. It is then audience will receive your message more efficiently.

4. Bring Laughter in Speech

image 60

A joke will enhance the mood of the audience and even to the speaker. So beforehand prepare some meaningful jokes and use them to make the speech livelier.

5. Keep Changing Your Volume

speaking 4

Speech with standard pace of volume and speed of words will be obviously boring. So try to change the tone and engage audience 

6. Focus on Audio and PPT

speaking 6

If you are using the slides and any audio and video clips, make sure that these are not boring. Every slide must increase the curiosity in the audience and they should keep them engaged.

7. Audience Interaction and Participation

audience interaction

Who doesn’t want to get noticed? Everyone likes it! So try to frame some questions and interact with audience. Ask them to give their perception or real life examples and have their complete attention while you deliver speech.

8. Usage of Catchy Words

catchy words

Do you think audience will like to hear from you patiently the boring words like basically, hmm, etc. Instead of irritating them with these, learn to keep silent for half a second.

9. Don’t Bother To Apologize

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Even though it is wise to think that audience keep a eye on every action and words you speak, the cases are high where they don’t bother the words which you spoke wrong.

10. Add Meaning With Stories

speaking 8

Facts and the statistics are always boring. Rather you can try to represent the same figures with a creative story. As we know people are more connected to stories in a better fashion.

11.Focal Point of Speech

focal points

Concentrate on one single theme throughout the speech. Even though you cover many points, at the end come here and correlate to your main themes. It is only then users will understand and have the feeling of learning something after the speech. 

12. Use First Few Seconds

speaking 7

All the audience who sat for your speech will have attention towards you only for the first few seconds. It is here you have to be smart and creative enough in delivering your speech. Prepare for this. 

13. Write your Speech

business 3

Even though you have practiced many number of times, make a note of it. So that you will understand what to speak as the introduction, in the body and finally the way to complete your speech effectively.

14. Learn From Others

learn from others

It is before you give a speech, always spend some time to observe how others are giving and the style they follow. Here you will get confidence and know how to deliver better.

15. Boost confidence Levels

confidence 1

Try to give a speech in front of the mirror and see how confident you are. You can even join various other social speaking groups and enhance your experience of delivering speech and also confidence.

16. Courses on Public Speaking


If you are still not happy with your own preparation and still needs help, you can anytime join any public speaking classes where the experts give their valuable suggestions to you.

17. Find out the Audience


It is always better and important to know about the audience to whom you are speaking to. Every speaker must get into their shoes and prepare matter and find out examples which are related and useful to them. 

18.  Get an Impressive Dress

impressive dress

Spend some time to shop a dress which portrays your personality. If you are not having one, it is time to invest on a decent attire.

19. Check for All Tools

check tools

Come beforehand to the presentation hall and find out whether everything is arranged and your projector is functioning properly or not. 

20. End with a Cause

end it

Always ensure that there is a call to action or stress more on the point which your audience have to grasp or learn from your speech. It is only then your meeting or a business purpose will gain advantage.