Self Confidence in Kids

Self Confidence in Kids

Self Confidence in Kids

Childhood is the forming stone; the basis of a person’s life. Traumas and incidences suffered during childhood often leave a permanent and deep scar on an individual’s personality. Similarly, virtues and values taught during that period stay with us forever.

Self-confidence in kids has been directly related to an individual’s network, the tasks in which they are involved and what they gather from their surroundings. A child is said to be a confident child when he or she is well aware about his/her strengths and weakness. It is the responsibility of the parents to develop confidence in their children by encouraging them in all the tasks that they perform.

Self - Confidence in Kids at years 5 to 8

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Build Positive Thoughts in Children

This stage marks the beginning for a child to inculcate the right values. During this age, parents can build confidence in their child in various ways; playing with them, telling them stories that have a moral, encouraging them to interact with outsiders and to participate in school functions.

Self –Confidence in Kids at years 8 to 12

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Positive Affirmations for Students

This is the adolescent stage and in this stage they need more assistance from their parents to grow into self-confident children. This stage is a very demanding stage. In this age group, parents can build the confidence levels in their children through various ways; sharing their experiences with them, spending more time with their children, encouraging them to express themselves and talk about their strengths and weakness. Parents should try to know their children better. They should take the necessary steps to help their kids to overcome the obstacles and attain success. For example, if a child is afraid of speaking in front of a crowd, then as a parent, they should take them to family functions like weddings where they would get the right atmosphere to mingle with kids of their own age group and overcome their inhibitions. They should expose their children to situations, which would allow them to discover their qualities. They should be aware about their kids’ talents and hobbies and should encourage them to pursue them. By doing so, a child can develop into a self-confident individual with a self-esteem.

Self-confidence in Kids at years 12-15


Problem Solving Skills For Students

This is a difficult period for both parents and kids. At this age the child undergoes several physical changes. You need to spend time with your children and become their best friends so that they feel comfortable with you. Appreciate and motivate them. You need to be their strength and your presence should make them feel secure. At the age of 12-15, confidence is essential in your kid’s life in order to help them reach their goal.

Self-confidence in Kids at years 15-18


Positive Affirmations for Teens

Again a difficult period, you need to understand that now kids no longer consider themselves as kids. Their interests vary and they experience various new emotions. You have to handle them very carefully. Boost their confidence by lauding them for their every effort even if they don’t achieve success. Don’t neglect them. There are so many kids who feel neglected by their parents and they start to search for that love and care somewhere else, often making the wrong choices. Never draw comparisons between siblings or other children. Parents often have no idea how humiliated a kid feels at being compared. Each kid is special and unique however clichéd it sounds. Leave your kids to follow their own passion and don’t force your dreams on them, because it is not necessary that a doctor’s son or daughter should be a doctor. He or she can be a chef! Appreciate and support their interests and choices whatever they may be. Be suggestive but not judgemental. Leave them to chart their own path. It does not matter what kind career they choose for themselves, what matters is that you support them in whatever they do.

If you want your children to be happy and confident and achieve great success, then you have to guide them to choose the right path. Keep supporting them and they will grow into good and successful individuals.