10 Awesome Ways to Feel Closer in a Long Distance Relationship

10 Awesome Ways to Feel Closer in a Long Distance Relationship

10 Awesome Ways to Feel Closer in a Long Distance Relationship

We are so close and yet so distant in the information age. There was a time when long distance relationships meant a slow and turtle-like build up of communication peppered with the occasional time that could actually be spent together. Now it is a different age and the miles don't have to be so oppressive.

Here are a few things that you can do to make them seem even less and spend some quality time with that special person from afar.

1. Splish, Splash - Bathing Across Miles

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There is nothing quite like talking together in  the bathtub. Try it if you are in a place mutually where it is within your comfort zones. You can't see each other naked talking over the phone but psychologically... oh, that is a different thing. The vulnerability that comes from simply sitting in the hot, soapy water can add an interesting spice of candor to your conversations once or twice a month and definitely give you that feeling of being alone together that you are both craving.

2. Share New Tastes

Google 'miracle berry tablets'. They affect your taste buds and make sour things taste sweet.  Agree on 5 or more things to collect that are  sour and taste them 'for the first time'  together.  Lemons taste like the sweetest lemonade. Don't eat too many or you will get a stomach ache, though. Share some new tastes together, and perhaps make a dinner date for the future for a new food type that you have both been dying to try.

3. MST3k date to Laugh Together

Mystery Science Theatre 3000 is a show where the characters watch bad movies together and  make fun of everything. You can too! Pick a  movie that you both hate, load up skype, and spend  the whole time making fun of it together. Humor is a great way to bond and learning to joke with your mate can help in the future when life throws that occasional curveball. Get in the habit of sharing funny observations now and thank us for it later.

4. Gaming Together

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Download something that you can play on your phones together on the occasional late night. Angry Birds, chess,  whatever is your style. It is a way to touch subtly without talking or videos. If you send a request to play out of the blue to your significant other through the game just don't get mad if they don't have time. Don't overthink it, just play together  when you can and enjoy the moments that you DO get to share.

5. Skype Poker

Play for chips, secrets, or.. well, that's up to  you. This can be a fun thing to do on a day like  Sunday when most people don't have plans. 

6. Grow Smarter Together


Each of you picks an online course for something  that can improve the future of both. Encourage  each other through it, this habit is invaluable  for couples.

7. Learn a Language Together

This can be especially sweet if you are from  different countries but you don't have to be.  Pick a language you both enjoy and start learning it. One day you can both speak it at  parties and it will be like your own secret language.

8. Briefly, Share a Hobby

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Try one of the other's hobbies for a month if  possible. You don't have to keep it, indeed, it  is better if each has their own 'thing'. It can,  however, be invaluable both to understanding and  for those difficult 'gift-times' in the future.

9. Share Your Sorrows

Some time down the line when trust is strong,  make a mix-cd or a usb with a collection of  songs. Include a letter that shares what the songs mean to you. This is not  to be spoken of until you are together, unless  you both agree, so that knowledge of the other can be acquired without a feeling of judgement.

10. Share a Walk Around Town


Spend a day and perhaps an evening out. Bring  your camera. Get pictures of the locales and  your friends. Save ticket stubs, club flyers, candy wrappers... Get creative. Make sure to  write about each place so it's like a walk together from across the miles. 

Try the things on this list and starting making your own list of ideas. Remember, distance is a mindset at it's core in an age when we can speak daily if we want to. Take advantage of the information age to keep each other close and you will have only the finest memories to speak of in midnight whispers when you can hold each other again.