What Attracts Us to the People We Call Friends?

What Attracts Us to the People We Call Friends?

What Attracts Us to the People We Call Friends?

There are some people that we need essentially in our life, such as our parents, siblings and friends. Friends are the ones who understand us better and make our life full of happiness. They teach us the virtue of sharing and believing in one another. They are the ones who stand by us when nobody seems to understand. The laws of attraction that work is most of the time, a mystery.

They are the ones we roam around with, have fun, share our secrets with and wet their shoulders at every small moment of grief. So, when we share such a chunk of our life with the people we call friends, there are the factors which attract us to such people. Here are some of the probable factors:



Every person carries a certain kind of attitude, different from others. What attracts us to the people we call friends is their attitude. If their attitude matches with ours, then surely a certain kind of bonding begins to sprout. It really matters whether they are helpful, genial and polite or not when you are looking for certain qualities in a friend.

Their attitude towards the mutual privacy that you want to retain is also important, as our friends should be trustworthy and not deceitful. If we make a connection based on similar attitudes, the friendship is likely to bud out. 

Tastes and Interests

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It is difficult for any of us to be around people with whom we don’t seem to share tastes and interests. Hence, when we find someone with similar taste in movies or books or interest in academics or art we instantly feel an acceptance and want to become friends. Similar tastes help them to discuss and chat for long hours without getting bored, which essentially help the friendship to shape better.

Fine Judges

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We do not always get attracted to people who only praise us, as most of the time they are just flatterers who happen to show interest for their selfish motives. Hence, it is often that we feel an inclination towards people who are fine judges of our conduct.

They critique and criticize our work, our behavior and our decisions. They truly appear as our benefactors and prove to be better people to be friends with.

Attractive Personality 

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It is difficult to say whether this is a correct way or not, but many of us get attracted to people who have an attractive personality. We all want to be friends with people who are popular and have a charming aura around them. They seem to attract us and generate our curiosity which with time leads to the desire to be friends with them. 

Friendships only run on the principle of mutual admiration and respect. If two people with equal interests connect, they certainly do wonders by enhancing each other in every way. We also get attracted to people with alternate perspectives and thus, begin to incline towards them. But, the basic feeling is love flowing through this relationship which one cherishes towards the other person.